Campus Sexual Assault: An Epidemic of Absurdity…

Date: August 27, 2018

01) Campus Sexual Assault: An Epidemic of Absurdity

“In its effort to present a balanced portrayal of the presumed sexual assault epidemic on American college campuses, a weird thing happened.

There is an epidemic of sexual violence on America’s college campuses, according to some researchers. Sky News travelled to Ohio, home to several large universities and a huge student population, to find out more.

Notably, the opening graf begins with the conclusion that there is, there must be, an epidemic. Like too many “deep dives” and empirical studies, the question begins not with whether the phenomenon is true, but begs the question. This is one of the reasons this article is interesting.

It’s a notoriously hard thing to measure but one estimate suggests that as many as one in four students will be subjected to a serious sexual assault before they graduate.

This is inaccurate on every level. There are no studies to support this at all, not even from the most ardent believers. But she doesn’t say there are studies, just “one estimate.” Don’t be critical of Sky News US correspondent, Hannah Thomas-Peter, however, as she’s trying her best and facts are hard.

I was expecting it to be quite hard to get students to talk to me about such a sensitive subject.

But I was taken aback at how candid they were, particularly about how the mix of alcohol and risk-taking makes them vulnerable, and why consent is nowhere near as straightforward as it should be.”

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