Grandma [2011]…


Date: August 27, 2018

01) Grandma [2011]

“A gently comic short film exploring children’s misunderstandings on the subject of death with a delightfully uplifting ending. Grandma doesn’t look ill – but she is, so Dad has to tell his children to be ready to say goodbye to her. Grandma makes it easier for the children by saying she will still be with them and will watch over them; even when she is gone. Lulu, the youngest child, is distraught when she hears her parents and the funeral directors talking about burying Grandma. All the children agree that they must help Grandma get to heaven and their first Internet search result for ‘How to get to Heaven’ is Heaven Hot Air Balloons…”

frontier_matinee_sb_archiveM.A. Net

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