New boy love book now available…

Date: August 28, 2018

01) New boy love book now available

A bit late to this…I’m not sure if you can actually get a copy, at the moment.

“The Unorthodox Thing About Love by Jonas Boehm

Synopsis: While grieving the loss of his twin sister, Reuben meets Jonathan, a lonely teenage boy who finds himself unabashedly interested in the stranger to the Cleveland Orthodox Jewish community. Both outcasts, the two develop a friendship in full view of a harsh religious environment.

Reuben’s life is shattered without the one person who understood him. Jonathan is faced with family and school pressures to become a religious scholar, something he isn’t sure he wants. As the two spend time learning more about each other, they discover a world exists beyond the black and white of religious law, and when raw feelings surface, they struggle with the consequences of their attraction.

But their secret gets exposed. Religion and society try to tear their forbidden love apart. As they work through their feelings for each other, religious leaders and a powerful international Jewish organization unite to put a stop to their relationship. Jonathan and Reuben must decide whether to fight their religion and embrace their love or walk away and conform to tradition.

This coming-of-age, intergenerational romance touches on the idea that we don’t get to choose who we love and that love is its own authority, unbound by gender, religion, and law.

11 thoughts on “New boy love book now available…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That account has protected tweets…and for some reason, I have it blocked…which can happen for a variety of reasons…At the moment, I don’t recall the reason.

      1. Kinder

        Well I’m not sure why you would block me but I probably said something entirely inappropriate I’ve been following you for years and years I may have said something stupid if I did please accept my apology retroactively

      2. Kinder

        I just assumed that I said something asinine or stupid, maybe I was trying to correct you on the non-contact bullshit we’re just still stand behind contact 1000% but I can understand why publicly you could make that available to everyone even if you did hold that belief; but saying something stupid…well, that’s typically my way. It’s always a safe assumption.

      3. Kinder

        Don’t get me wrong, I still say stupid shit constantly, but I used to be a lot less mindful of it and a lot more cocky, secure in the arrogance of my knowitall-edness.

      4. eqfoundation Post author

        Understood…Honestly, I’m more leery of the people who habitually post legally questionable pictures…But, I also try to skew my follows towards quality of substance…relevant news, research and the like.

      5. Kinder

        Well, that’s because you’re simply a final quality human being than I am…by far, actually; and I admit it, totally upfront. However, I have an obligation to embrace my Scruffy-Lookin’ Nerfherder-ness though, too.

  1. Yure

    It seems to be gone. “Out of print”. Seems like it sold well… Was this the one that recently got taken down? It seems to be working for me.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Maybe…I just found out about it last night…over a week, after it got announced…I’ve never seen BC this slow…

      It still had an amazon listing, so I figured I’d share.


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