Child Pornography May Make A Comeback After Court Ruling Guts Regulations Protecting Minors…


Date: August 29, 2018

01) Child Pornography May Make A Comeback After Court Ruling Guts Regulations Protecting Minors

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“Child Pornography May Make A Comeback After Court Ruling Guts Regulations Protecting Minors

The case revolves around U.S. Code Title 18 Section 2257, which requires porn producers to keep stringent records on the ages of performers and allows federal agents to inspect them at any time.

Judge Michael Baylson of the U.S. 3rd Circuit of Appeals ruled that most of 2257’s record keeping requirements were unconstitutional on First and Fourth Amendment grounds. The ruling allows primary producers to fulfill age verification obligations by using a form developed by the Free Speech Coalition, the industry association that brought the lawsuit against 2257.

… the decision completely exempts major distributors (termed secondary producers), from any record-keeping requirements.”

“Have your papers ready at all times”…eh?…

…Sounds so, so familiar…

It’s always shocking, wherever a court actually upholds the U.S. Constitution…let alone, human rights…wherever the boogieman of “child pornography” is involved.

The courts, public intellect and other “social safeguards” have almost unanimously failed…habitually…for the last four decades…

Do note, their focus on “the young looking”…and how this has been about obstructing depictions of “the young looking”…by adding a totally absurd burden and consequence, to the practice of hosting it.

If they cannot legally ban it outright…they strangle it to death, through other methods.

In a weird way…I suppose this may have been vetting legally questionable content, and acting as a buffer for those times when you unintentionally stumble across “twink porn” [or the like], where the age of the participants is absolutely vague…

…and it’s strange to have to acknowledge that…

…It’s like thanking your captors, for withholding a beating for the day…

Of course…given a court system with integrity…this sort of thing unquestionably must be brought down…It’s inevitable…It has no legal leg to stand on…just public sentiment…

The maddening, enraging tragedy in this type of nonsense…is the amount of time, funds and energy it takes…to kill these statutory monstrosities, which clearly never should have been enacted in the first place…

…”Our” government passes this type of thing…and it takes two decades to get anything accomplished, in correcting the mess they’ve made…

All they need to do…is just keep passing these stupid laws, every so many years…and these special interests still get their way, for a decade or longer…and the social devastation ensues at their hands, even when the laws are ultimately struck down…

This is one of the reasons, why we need a fundamental change in culture…With it, will come a fundamental change in government…and we can jettison these malcontents from all public offices.

These terroristic aggressors have no business being there.


2 thoughts on “Child Pornography May Make A Comeback After Court Ruling Guts Regulations Protecting Minors…

  1. Kinder

    Reading the Headline, My First Though:
    the sound of clapping coming from the back of the classroom isn’t really clapping it’s me whac…. no, wait, never mind… I’m *totally* clapping, and that’s *ALL* ~ nothing else, nothing suspicious, I swear, juuuust clapping.


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