2 thoughts on “Father discovers that his child is gay – Cute scene – Brazilian movie 2016…

  1. feinmann0

    A rare picture of acceptance being shown by a father towards a young boy who appears to be attracted to other boys. Of course this is fiction, but it makes a refreshing change from real-life stories such as this:

    An arrest was made in connection with the death of a 10-year-old California boy who officials say was starved and locked him up before he was beaten to death. Anthony Avalos died in Lancaster, near Los Angeles, after enduring multiple head injuries from long-term abuse, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services said. Child services have been investigating whether him coming out as gay was a factor in his killing.

    “It has since been revealed that the Department of Children and Family Services received at least 16 calls over the years alleging that Heather and Leiva were abusing the children, aged 11 months to 12 years old. School administrators and family members, as well as a teacher and a counselor, had all called in to voice their concerns.

    They reported that the children were being sexually abused, beaten and bruised, forced to fight one another, and forced to eat from the trash, according to Department of Children and Family Services Director Bobby Cagle. The concerned callers also reported that the children were being denied food and water, were forced to crouch for hours, and were even dangled upside down from the home’s staircase.

    A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman also revealed that Child Protective Services had come to the house at least once for child abuse allegations involving one of Anthony’s siblings. Maria reported Heather and Leiva to the county and Anthony’s school three years ago but said nothing was done to remove the children from the home.”


    And me with my harmless, victimless sexual attraction to pre-pubescent boys, am rated as a perverted abuser of children by most of society, whilst the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services blatantly ignored the plight of beautiful, fragile Anthony Avalos … and can get away with their callousness. Just look at his battered body on that hospital bed. And no-one gives a fuck because violence is OK!

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      They’ll leave the extreme cases alone, for the children to be tormented and butchered…

      …but any kid gets a happy moment of intimacy, and they’re right on top of that, ready to put someone away for a vast chunk of their life…and make sure they are brutalized, for it.

      …What good are these organizations supposed to be for, again?

      In my book…these “child protection” organizations killed the children in these cases, by their sheer ineptness…

      …But, I’m sure they were overburdened, with cases of happy kissing, fondling, licking and sucking, to get to cases like those of Anthony…all those moral outrage cases, the moral supremacists need to be appeased over.

      Society kills and torments these children, every bit as much as the primary individuals responsible for the violence.


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