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Collateral Damage of a Deeply Dysfunctional System: What Would Anthony Avalos Say?…


Date: August 31, 2018

01) Who’s to blame? 10 year old Lancaster boy beaten to death after coming out gay

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“Was the death of Anthony Avalos, a Lancaster, California ten year old boy who came out as gay, the result of neglect and oversight of CPS authorities after years of complaints?

It has since been revealed that the Department of Children and Family Services received at least 16 calls over the years alleging that Heather and Leiva were abusing the children, aged 11 months to 12 years old. School administrators and family members, as well as a teacher and a counselor, had all called in to voice their concerns.

They reported that the children were being sexually abused, beaten and bruised, forced to fight one another, and forced to eat from the trash, according to Department of Children and Family Services Director Bobby Cagle. The concerned callers also reported that the children were being denied food and water, were forced to crouch for hours, and were even dangled upside down from the home’s staircase.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s spokesman also revealed that Child Protective Services had come to the house at least once for child abuse allegations involving one of Anthony’s siblings. Maria reported Heather and Leiva to the county and Anthony’s school three years ago but said nothing was done to remove the children from the home.”

…If I recall correctly…this is the exact same system, which forcibly removed Anthony from the home of his loving grandparents [who raised him, and wanted to keep him]…and dumped him into that hell…all because his mother had legal custody rights, according to the state.

These “child protection” organizations are very notorious, for a number of reasons…ranging from overzealous crusaders, to inept bums working at them…to overwhelming workloads, from too many cases for their people to handle…

…One of the glaring issues…is all the mind-blowing waste…of time, energy, money and resources…which goes into tormenting and devastating intergenerational relationships [plus the kids who are being “too naughty”, and doing entirely natural things with each other], at the hands of these organizations, and their people…

…when we’ve simultaneously got all these cases like Anthony’s…where there is objective abuse…where the abuse is both extreme, and life threatening…But the people responsible for stopping this sort of thing are…inept?…apathetic?…Whatever efforts they have put forward…they were useless, in stopping this boy’s senseless death.

Was it worth it?…

…Was this tradeoff worth it?…

…Was Anthony Avalos’ unspeakable murder offset, by all the naughty perverts corralled and fed into the system?…

…Do we all feel it was time, resources, energy, lives and deaths and tortures “well spent”…that the people of these agencies likely had to spend, interfering in intergenerational relationships, where they were neither wanted nor needed?…

Maybe…it’s time to start focusing on genuine cases of abuse?…

…I strongly believe, Anthony would say it is…

…Maybe, Anthony Avalos would be alive today…if it weren’t for all the moral outrage cases, which these agencies are tasked to eradicate?

Just a thought, there.

…I tend to think that a ten year old’s ability to continue living healthy and untortured, is universally more important, than some moral supremacists fits of outrage, which demand appeasement.

The system and culture in the U.S. tortured and murdered this boy, every bit as much as the primary people behind the violence.

If you support the way things currently are…I’m not sure how you can live with yourself…

…It’s your position, which traded away the life and safety of Anthony Avalos…as if it were some sort of bargaining chip.


Paramotors: Icarus Trophy [2017]…


Date: August 31, 2018

01) I Hit A Tree And Broke My Paramotor – Icarus Trophy Day One

I Hit A Tree And Broke My Paramotor – Icarus Trophy Day One:

Day one of the Icarus Trophy started out rough. After some poor decision making, I took a downwind landing into a spot way too tight for my glider, hooked a tree, and fell breaking three of my spars. Luckily, it was fixable with some super glue and duct tape. Shortly after, I took a face plant in a cow pasture but it was smooth sailing after. I grabbed dinner with a local Twin Bridges family and had a perfect heated pilot lounge to sleep in. Tune in for the remaining four days of my Icarus Trophy adventure!”

325 Miles In One Day On My Paramotor – Icarus Trophy Day Two:

“On the second day of the Icarus Trophy, near perfect weather and a tailwind up high allowed me to cover an insane amount of distance. On the first two legs, hypoxia was definitely a concern. By my third flight of the day, the air became very turbulent and thermally which proved to be my most difficult flight yet. Finally, I took a gamble and flew away from the recommended course to Jackpot, Nevada for the night.”

Crossing The Salt Flats On My Paramotor – Icarus Trophy Day Three:

“The third day of the Icarus Trophy was tough. I woke up feeling drained and sore but was presented with the sketchiest launch of the entire race. After leaving Jackpot, I was surprised with turbulent wind as I arrived in Wendover. The following flight was the most challenging of the entire race. The turbulence got so bad toward the end that I decided to land safely at a rest area. The final flight was a extremely beautiful but a race against the sun set. Luckily, Nephi airport had a courtesy car and I was rewarded with a nice meal at Wendy’s.”

Flying Into A Thunderstorm – Icarus Trophy Day Four:

“Day four was full of tough decisions. Just after crossing an incredible 11,000ft mountain range, I received a message warning the pilots about a 30 mile wide system with 42,000ft tops around the Monument Valley and Lake Powell area. The system was exactly in the direction I was headed and moving even closer throughout the day. Risky decision after risky decision led me all the way to Monticello Airport, which turned out to be the nicest FBO I had visited. Hot coffee, a courtesy car, and a big fluffy couch made a day of tough flying well worth it.”

I WON THE ICARUS TROPHY – Icarus Trophy Day Five:

“Before I started this race, I decided that I wanted to finish safely and to the best of my ability. I wasn’t too worried about beating the competitors and if I won, it would just be a bonus. This turned out to be the greatest adventure of my life. Dodging clouds by Missoula, eating meatloaf with a family in twin bridges, cruising at 11,000ft for over an hour, fueling up in ‘the middle of no where’, getting the worst sunburn of my life, crossing the salt flats, sleeping on a bathroom floor in Nephi, flying beside giant rock walls near Moab, fueling up among private jets in Page, and finally crossing the finish line at full speed downwind in Mesquite. It was truly an adventure I will remember for the rest of my life.”


…I’m not insane…[honest!…I’m not!]…So, I’m never going to actually do this…

…But, you have no idea how badly I want to.

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