Jack and Tim – “The Lucky Ones”…

Date: August 31, 2018

01) Jack and Tim on BGT 2018 – Audition – FULL VERSION

“Father-and-son duo, Jack and Tim, get Simon’s golden buzzer for their wonderful audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2018, singing their own song, “The Lucky Ones”.”

4 thoughts on “Jack and Tim – “The Lucky Ones”…

  1. feinmann0

    Wonderful to see a such a public display of open affection between father and son. It is instructive to view such an example of mutual affection through the prism of man-boy love. It is also instructive to contrast the way society is ‘bowled over’ when they see the affection between Tim and Jack, and yet outraged by an equivalent instance of man-boy love.

    And since you ask, yes, Jack is an utterly hot 12 year old boy.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      There are some people [deprived of such intimacy themselves, I expect], who would call the kissing and touching “disgusting”…and “creepy”…and “abusive”…

      …I’m reminded of that football player, who got all that backlash about a year ago…of sharing a kiss with his son.

      It’s shocking what has happened to society, after all these years…The young have been trained to hate public exhibitions of love…It’s insane.

      I’m glad this case seems to have gone by, unscathed.

      1. feinmann0

        And there was this from the UK’s Sunday Times in February 2005, which illustrates very clearly just how easy it has been for the femihags of the world to have totally poisoned child/adult communication and relationships … an essential ingredient for a healthy society:

        ‘The actor Jeremy Irons, who starred in the film Lolita, has spoken out about how “hysteria” over paedophilia is damaging relations between adults and children. Irons, who has two sons with his wife Sinead Cusack, suggests that society, while protecting children, should not become so rigidly obsessed with paedophilia that it prevents adults demonstrating affection to children. “It’s very difficult because children under 16 are immensely attractive, any father will tell you,” Irons said. “We have to accept that, understand it for what it is and not become hysterical about it.”

        The actor made the remarks when asked what it was like playing Humbert Humbert, the college lecturer who falls for an underage girl in Lolita. Interviewed by Jeremy Vine for a programme to be broadcast on BBC1 on Monday week, Irons said: “Strangely enough, Humbert Humbert is not a paedophile . . . because he knew he was doing wrong. That’s his tragedy in a way.”

        He went on to describe the difficulties of judging the line between natural affection and paedophilia with reference to his family. “I remember when my son was 12 he was like a god,” he said. “He just went through that sort of golden time for about 18 months. Parental love is sexual. Boys will flirt outrageously with their mothers.”

        Irons’s remarks were deemed “very odd” by Esther Rantzen, chairman of Childline, the charity for abused youngsters. “Immensely attractive is not the best thing to say about children under 16,” said Rantzen. “Appealing or charming are more appropriate.”

        The dilemma voiced by the actor, who shot to fame in the ITV drama Brideshead Revisited before films such as The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Damage, arises from more than his experience of appearing in films addressing controversial topics. He illustrated his point by describing what happened when he presented prizes at a fête near where he lives in the Oxfordshire countryside. “I had done my little speech and a girl from the local school wanted to show me around the art exhibits. I was very happy to go. I had my arm on the shoulder of the girl as we walked around. But the teacher was there and looked at me and said: ‘Don’t do that.’ I said: ‘What?’ He whispered to me. I then said: ‘I’m sorry.’ “But I suddenly felt like a criminal. And I thought ‘What are we doing to this new generation? We can’t smack them or hug them. What strange people are we going to bring up’.”

        The need to protect children, he said, should be balanced against demonstrative instincts. “We’re animals. We should hug our young. We should hold our young,” he said. “We shouldn’t suddenly, when our daughter becomes 12, stop her sitting on our lap, stop hugging her. What’s she going to think about affection, about human nature if that happens in her upbringing?”

        However, as Rantzen makes clear, it partly depends on who is involved. “For example, it’s okay for me as a mother to have a daughter on my lap even if she is older. That’s all right in a mother/daughter relationship,” she said.’

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        “Femihag”…I just might use that for something…

        “However, as Rantzen makes clear, it partly depends on who is involved. “For example, it’s okay for me as a mother to have a daughter on my lap even if she is older. That’s all right in a mother/daughter relationship,” she said.’

        Yeah…females don’t have penises, that can poke around and find holes to enter…

        …And few people think about the hands, with which to fondle or massage…or the tongue, with which to lick…

        …It’s all about horrid rape…with a penis.

        Great quote…thanks!

        I love Jeremy Irons.

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