How to get Science Articles for free…


Date: September 01, 2018

01) SciHub – How to get Science Articles for free

02) Science’s pirate queen

I’m hardly looking up scientific research papers every day, or anything like that…In fact, it’s a rarity for me anymore.

…But you can rest assured, after twenty years…I’ve ran into this outrageous paywall problem, many, many, many times…

This situation is an outright scandal…It’s unethical…and it normally stops the average person right in their tracks, when they’re attempting to genuinely research something.

What these companies are doing, is tantamount to concealment…with data and information, vital to the influencing and functioning of our culture.

If this content has the potential to have any impact at all on a culture…the people have a moral, ethical and natural right to see it…analyze it…discuss it…all of which are impossible, where access is prohibitive.

This issue is entirely different, from people who just want to steal a copy of a Stephen King novel…or steal a copy of a movie.

Research should not be copyrighted.


4 thoughts on “How to get Science Articles for free…

  1. Yure

    There are some research circles that allow their papers to go open access two years after publication, but, golly gosh, there’s that one (was it Elsevier?) that only lets it’s papers go open access after a full decade!

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      It’s crazy, isn’t it?

      I’m perplexed, as to what value these “publishers” believe they are adding, that justifies charging such outrageous prices.

      If one can just go to an open access resource from the start…then why are they needed?

  2. Kindly

    Actually, this issue is NO different from copyright.

    And your pejorative (and incorrect) use of the word “steal” in reference to independent duplication and publication highlights your error.

    A novel may just as well influence our culture as any scientific paper, and perhaps more so, given that the general public more often seeks out fiction over fact, and the humanities departments tell us that they contain “other ways of knowing” and “other truths” that cannot be obtained through science.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I disagree.

      Maybe, copyright aught to expire far sooner than it does…But I’ve always agreed, that unique things produced for the purpose of making money, should be protected for a time.

      It’s not unreasonable for a studio that’s invested millions into a movie, to go after someone who starts duplicating and selling/distributing unlicensed copies of said movie.

      Any one piece of entertainment is not all that vital…One can easily find something else, freely available, if one does not wish to compensate the studio for it’s production.


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