Air Conditioning is Sexist, Men should just Strip to Stay Cool…

Date: September 03, 2018

01) Air Conditioning is Sexist, Men should just Strip to Stay Cool

“Maybe I’m crazy but… wat?”

This is consistent with my experience…

…I usually find the place too warm, if not way too warm, when I arrive at work…anymore, I’m the only male working there.

Sometimes when I arrive at work, in the middle of the summer…the air conditioner is on the high seventies…and there might even be a candle burning right in the immediate work area…

…I rarely say anything at all…but I’m frequently wondering…”How do you even function in this?”…

The saving grace is that I’m in control of the place, once my shift gets underway…and I can resolve the heat problem with more air conditioning.

If I have to remain in that type of heat for long…I’m sweating like a hog, soon after…I’m miserable…It massively degrades my mental clarity, and saps me…But there’s no allowance made, for the deep physical demands of the job…And there’s all the other annoying issues, which result from the situation…Like there’s no way possible, that you can ever wear the same shirt two days in a row [so you better not let the laundry laps]…and the flies go rampant in the heat…It’s an absolute nightmare of a war, if you have to eat something [which is a very substantial issue for me, as a diabetic].

Females do frequently like temperatures higher…but we males have a hard time functioning, in that level of heat.

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