Tech firms must do more to combat child sex abuse online (CNN)…

Date: September 06, 2018

01) Tech firms must do more to combat child sex abuse online (CNN)

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“UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced Monday 3 September 2018, that the Conservative government was planning a major crackdown on child abuse online, and said that tech giants must do more to combat the problem.

In a speech made at the London headquarters of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Javid said it was his “personal mission” to tackle crimes such as online grooming and live-streaming of sexual acts on minors.
“The growth of the internet has given potential offenders who previously may have had no access to children the opportunity to meet and groom and abuse victims online on gaming sites and on social media and to get access to more abuse material than ever before,” he said.

The Home Secretary also also accused large internet companies of being “a long way from where they need to be.”

“Restrictions that are supposed to keep our children safe online are either not being enforced or do not meet expectations,” he said. “I am not just asking for change, I am demanding it.”

Javid’s comments came in the wake of a National Crime Agency announcement that it had received 82,109 individual industry referrals for online child sex abuse, a rise of 700% since 2012.”

Eivind Berge nailed it with his comment: “Abuse, abuse everywhere you look if you are gullible enough to buy the abuse industry’s self-serving definitions. The real number for this is zero, since online abuse is an entirely bogus concept.”

I wonder whether the alleged rise in so-called ‘industry referrals’ mirrors the increase in underage ownership of mobile technologies. I also wonder if ‘industry referrals’ mirrors the increase in peer to peer underage sexting. But no, it can’t be the fault of the kids; there has to be a pervert adult in the loop, because the fuckwit politician says so and uses the word ‘grooming’. So it must be true.

As we all know…this is a war on kids, just as much as it is a war on adults…because it is a war on human sexuality.

The transition from adult producers to child/teen producers has been enlightening…not only where it comes to the intents and desires of children/teens…but where it comes to exposing who the government goons are willing to go after…and how underhandedly they go about it.

It’s these clueless monsters like Sajid Javid, who are going to destroy the internet…in their crusade to stop something, which can never be stopped…

…You cannot stop a force of nature, like human sexuality.

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