Why Does Laurie Penny Hate Steve Bannon?…

Date: September 11, 2018

01) Why Does Laurie Penny Hate Steve Bannon?

“Why, he’s a fascist, you see. Everyone is, nowadays.”

Ever since I first discovered Laurie Penny…I was of the opinion, that she embodies what is wrong within “feminism”…as well as what is wrong within “progressivism”…

…Though, I’d like to distinguish that a lot of feminists and progressives dislike her, with a passion…So, it’s not right to hold her up as being an icon of these movements.

Steve Bannon?…

…I don’t really even know much about him…and this is the first time I’ve watched the clips made available, in this video…I’m positive I’ve read an article interview of him, however…But I have no real familiarity with him, or his past.

He does come off reasonable, here…

…I do know, however, that he pushed Donald Trump to the white house…a clear disaster, long before he got elected…

I don’t automatically buy into the “racist” claims…because I understand how terms like “racist” have been bastardized and debased from their traditional meaning, for the purpose of dishonestly diminishing other people.

…And I see how they use these terms, to de-platform people, and manipulate would be interviewers…

If you have the integrity of demanding to “hear it from the horses mouth”…you get called “a sympathizer”…or treated as if you were “an equivalent” to the person you are talking with…based on their description of said person…not based on said person’s honest character assessment or history.

Getting back to the Trump presidency, and the Mike Pence political advancement that came with it…

…Even I had a window of glee, when I shockingly realized that Hillary Clinton had been defeated…But Donald Trump was never any kind of “win”, for the country…

…Donald Trump [and Mike Pence] is nothing more than an ever more extreme swing, in a fight trying to remove control of the country from the hands of the establishment…

…We are nowhere even close to “the promised land”…It is just the crazy train speeding up…rollicking and teetering ever closer, to slipping off the tracks.

This is really an ugly, harrowing time in U.S. politics…and Donald Trump has shown himself to be an incompetent fraud, who’s quickly backtracked on most of his meaningful campaign promises…And if anything happens to him…we get Pence dumped onto us…That theocratic nut, should be nowhere near any high political position.

I know this might burst some people’s bubble…but we are not better off with Trump as president…We’re still being dragged down what is, essentially, the same road…there’s just a lot of different posturing, and “dog n pony shows” going on, to make it seem like things have changed.

We will not be better off in the wake of Trump’s presidency, either…We’ll likely be worse off for it…in more ways than one…This country is more polarized than I have ever seen it…and most politicians seem to be exploiting this…They’re pitting us against each other, and ramping up the social disdain…and anger…

If anything at all good comes out of the Trump presidency…it will be a rise of the sane people…the rational people, who are sick and tired of watching the political system we are forced to live under, endlessly jerked around by the extremes.

For once in my lifetime…I would like to see the U.S. have a political system, which is honest and treats us all like human beings.

…How about that, for a political platform?

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