The young paedophiles who say they don’t abuse children…


Date: September 14, 2018

01) The young paedophiles who say they don’t abuse children

“Some paedophiles say they would never abuse children.

But what support is there for people like this and how should society treat them to prevent abuse happening?

Catherine Burns reports.

Release date: 11 September 2017
Duration: 19 minutes”

Very VP-centric…So…

…There are propagandist elements in this.

…It’s another mixed bag.

…Oh…”the unwashed pro-contacts”…

This is an unhealthy divide…

…Not the diversity in viewpoint and stance…

…but the negative slants, which are placed on “the other” portion of MAPs.

A massive part of this problem…is that when we are young, it is very hard to find your social bearings as a MAP…It is hard not to be an ignorant, indoctrinated mind…It can seem impossible to develop the ability, to think for one’s own self…It’s hard to see through the manipulation, and the BS…

…It’s impossible to understand how the world really works, when you lack the foundation of real world knowledge, and real world experience…

…And a lot of people will take advantage of that…including groups within the MAP community, promoting ideological stances.

What I know…is that some of the best MAPs I have ever known…hell, some of the best people I have ever known…are what many would call “pro-contact”…

…And they are phenomenal individuals, as “pro-contact” individuals…

It is not a badge of dishonor, to be “pro-contact”.

“Anti-contact” MAP’s…are unable, to free themselves of the psychological bondage forced upon them…

…I don’t always know what to say to them…except…let’s agree to be civil with each other…MAPs should not be anything, but supportive and kind with each other…

This world is already cruel enough, without there being so much in fighting.

…It’s why I refuse to fight with, or exclude, other MAPs…the ones who are at least acting in good faith.

M.A. Net

4 thoughts on “The young paedophiles who say they don’t abuse children…

  1. Yure

    I used to feel angry at them and offended by them, but I no longer do. Anti-contacts are another kind of MAP. I don’t like how they treat us, tho.

  2. feinmann0

    “It is not a badge of dishonor, to be ‘pro-contact’.”

    Agreed. And yet, for those of us prepared to wear a ‘pro-contact’ stance as a badge of honour, it is disingenuous to acquiesce to those that support the prosecution of consensual intergenerational intimacy, and support the prosecution of sexual behaviour in children.

    As I see it, those who have a VP-centric world view are cheerleaders for the most divisive, destructive and evil aspect of humanity: puritanism.

  3. Yure

    Speaking of pro and anti contact, I rewrote the MAP Starting Guide. I tried to make it more impartial, shorter. Also, I fixed several mistakes I made in the first version. By the way, the first version was recently translated to Russian and I told the translator that translating the new version is not needed, as the message is the same.


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