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Ted Cruz Mailing Donation Requests Disguised as Legal Summonses…

Date: September 18, 2018

01) DESPERATE: Ted Cruz Mailing Donation Requests Disguised as Legal Summonses

“–In yet another sign of total desperation in his re-election campaign against Democratic nominee Beto O’Rourke, Ted Cruz’ campaign for US Senator from Texas sends out deceptive donation requests disguised as legal summonses


Ted Cruz Caught SCAMMING People For Money:

“Ted Cruz’s Texas senatorial campaign has sent hundreds of thousands of mailers seeking donations that are meant to look like official county summons, a high-ranking campaign official confirmed to Newsweek.

The brown envelopes read “SUMMONS ENCLOSED-OPEN IMMEDIATELY” in large black letters, and have a return address of “official county summons.”

While the letter inside the envelope was a donation form for the Cruz campaign, there was some fear that some voters might be confused by the mailer and believe that they were required by law to pay a fee.”

Jesus Never Existed – Kenneth Humphreys…

Date: September 17, 2018

01) Jesus Never Existed – Kenneth Humphreys

” Kenneth Humphreys is a featured scholar in the documentary film “Caesar’s Messiah:The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus”. Here he deconstructs “Jesus” and gives some historical background that sets the stage for the film. Kenneth Humphreys holds a Master’s degree from the University of Essex in history and social sciences, a post-graduate pedagogic certificate from the University of Leicester, and a higher national certificate in business studies. He taught for many years in the UK and abroad. Religion, and in particular the claims of Christianity, have been a life-long interest. His book Jesus Never Existed, published in 2005 by Iconoclast Press, currently ships to 30 countries. His website receives more than a million visitors a year. He is now fully occupied as a writer, radio broadcaster, and public speaker, and campaigns energetically against the tide of resurgent superstition and unreason. Created by Fritz Heede


M.A. Voice: Issue 35 – September 17, 2018…


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Date: September 17, 2018

01) leonard sisyphus mann: Photographs of Children – Five Short Essays

02) Sick Rose: The smirching of deight in the beauty of boys…
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03) Bernie Najarian: How hard can it be to be friendly?

04) Tom O’Carroll: Anger, confusion, shattered lives… and love

05) Pharmakon: Trumbach revisited
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