Rick Grimes’ Number Is Up…


Date: September 19, 2018

01) The Walking Dead cast shares thoughts on Andrew Lincoln’s departure

“Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, and Gale Anne Hurd tell EW’s Dalton Ross what they’re going to miss about Andrew Lincoln.”

What Andrew Lincoln’s Departure Means For The Walking Dead:

“If there’s one thing The Walking Dead has proven over its run, it’s that no one is safe. From Lori’s disturbing demise to the gruesome fates of Abraham and Glenn, the AMC series has made it pretty clear that in Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse, the stakes are high. One character that has felt untouchable through all of it has been Rick Grimes. From the day he woke up in that Georgia hospital, Rick has beaten the odds quite a bit. On the heels of Carl’s passing, though, it looks like the show on the verge of an overhaul, and now it’s been reported that after season 9, Andrew Lincoln will leave the series that made him a household name. So, how might the end of the Ricktatorship impact the show moving forward? Here’s what Lincoln’s departure probably means for The Walking Dead…”

I’ve still got several episodes of season eight left to watch…but I have to say…I’m really welcoming a new direction, and the show being in new hands.

Season eight is worth watching, if you really are a deep fan of the show…but it is not an effortless watch…

Things which were senseless, lazy decisions every here and there [starting a few seasons back], have grown into lack of creativity, terrible lazy editing…and beating things to death [no…not zombies!], well beyond the point where they’ve worn out their welcome.

They destroyed the first two episodes of the season [and wasted a lot of time], by almost endlessly showing nothing but loud, disorienting gun battles…to the point of being obnoxious…I had to turn the volume up, to hear the calm, talking scenes that divided up the battles…then turn the volume down, when the guns started blaring…up down, up down, up down…

If they’d have shown two battles and represented the rest of it with a montage, it would have worked beautifully…I think.

Consequentially…the first two episodes are a virtual wasteland of loud gun fire…with very little story development going on…I can’t even imagine, why anyone thought this was a good idea.

Thus far…there’s not much character/relationship development in this season…let alone, story development…and what does happen, feels shallow and weird…

Carl’s death…after all these years building up his character as kind of weird, and not just a tad psychopathic [IE: the kid he murdered in season four]…he suddenly gets a [not overly interesting] “redemption” angle, from a sense of “social responsibility” that just cropped up out of nowhere…and he dies for his egalitarianism…Nothing you’d explicitly anticipate, given his past…but, it quickly morphs him into a hero, and drags his decline and death out, over about three episodes…

…If you can take something like the death of Carl Grimes [and I’m talking about the singular “death” episode, itself]…and you can drag it out so bad, and in such a way as you manage to annoy the hell out of the audience…you are doing something very, very, very wrong.

The death of this character was handled badly…To many factors were at play here [IE: Chandler isn’t that strong of an actor], which should have clued them in…it’s a mistake to drag this on, and on, and on…and freaking on…

And some of these cuts from one scene to another…it’s as if they entirely forgot how to mark that one scene is concluded, and a different one has begun…It’s crazy, how some different scenes blur into each other…Again, it’s disorienting…

I’ve still got disk four to watch…maybe there are episodes on disk five, I don’t know…but this has been a really weak season…which is a total shame, given everything that’s been covered this season…It should have been way better…

Even Rick and Daryl, given their long history, have somehow been saddled with a schizophrenic relationship…one that abruptly erupts into a fist fight, and a fallout…which is isolated, and never referenced afterwards…[thus far]…

So…this show needs to do some serious house cleaning, where it comes to people setting the direction, and overseeing things…

…I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do, with a soft reboot of sorts…At this point, it needs to happen.

If we still had the strong cast of established characters which we had in season six…I think it wouldn’t be quite the quandary, to replace Rick…But, they’ve not established a strong character for a while, now…They’ve just been killing off established characters…Most of the new characters in season eight, are meaningless to the audience.

Just reminiscing a bit…

Season two was always my favorite…It was the strongest the show ever offered, in my opinion…and the show was never quite so consistently good, afterwards. I know they eventually had to pull the show into an “action” direction…but the true heart and quality of The Walking Dead, always rested with the strong character stories and development…As the show kept distancing from this…it kept going down hill…slowly, but consistently.

Again…it needs to be in fresh hands…The people making decisions for season eight, did not know what they were doing…and it’s damaged the series.


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