Reporter HARRASSING Black Hurricane Survivors for Ratings…

Date: September 20, 2018

01) Reporter HARRASSING Black Hurricane Survivors for Ratings

“Reporter Snitches on Dollar Store “looters” after Florence; police arrest them – against the store owner’s wishes. Hasan Piker breaks down the difference between white people “surviving” vs. black people “looting” after a hurricane.”

2 thoughts on “Reporter HARRASSING Black Hurricane Survivors for Ratings…

  1. Kindly

    When a law is broken, the crime is against the STATE, not the victim. While some victims have influence in the decisions to charge, convict, sentence, and parole, the ultimate decision rests with the state alone.

    If you think the state should require a participating victim in order to proceed with charges (as I do), then it’s going to require a serious overhaul to the system to avoid people being charged (or not) based on the accused’s and victim’s relative popularities or pressures.

    As to the race issue, the news prefers to report on black people whose wrongdoing is called out by white people (regardless of what races are doing each) so that they can then report on how unreasonable only white people are. The facts are a lot more grey than that, and the reporter did not make this about race, unlike The Young Turks (a notably racist group, even in name). Further they call her a “wine mom” attacking her sex and parenting status. I guess “white mom” was a little too on the nose. But yes, white reporters do get to report on black people.

    The laws are not suspended just because there is a disaster. Your disaster does not give you the right to compound someone else’s disaster, or even a whole bunch of other people, as in a corporation. Rather, a disaster is the time to see whether the affected residents have the state and local governments they deserve (and they always get the governments they deserve).

    Notably the rant doesn’t include examples of white people surviving by looting, and being cheered on by the news. I wonder why that is.

    This is an excellent example of a jerk accusing others of doing EXACTLY what he himself is doing, as he is doing it: racial agitation.

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    The interesting thing about this case, is that the store owner did not want charges pressed…making it unclear if they decided to “give” their inventory to the public in it’s time of need, or what…If that were the case, then a crime cannot even be getting committed.

    I generally agree with you…except over TYT being a racist organization…Sometimes they say some stupid things…but I have never seen anything racist come out of them…

    …In fact…I wont knowingly feature the content of racist groups…except, if I want to give commentary in relations to it….But, I’d never feature it on the level that I do TYT content.

    They’re overwhelmingly all about U.S. politics…Which is why I tend to feature them so much.


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