Jordan Peterson Threatens To Sue Critic For Calling Him Misogynist…

Date: September 26, 2018

01) Jordan Peterson Threatens To Sue Critic For Calling Him Misogynist

“Controversial Canadian professor and self-proclaimed free-speech warrior Jordan Peterson has threatened to sue a woman after she criticised him.

Prof Peterson shot to fame in 2016 after releasing a series of YouTube videos where he makes remarks about what he calls an increasingly politically correct society. Among his controversial opinions are the views that women wear makeup in the workplace to be sexually provocative, white privilege is a “Marxist lie” and people shouldn’t have to comply with what gender pronouns others wish to be called by.


“Par for the course”…yes…

…All the things I’ve been called over the decades…Yeesh!…

…And the myriad of false things which have been claimed about me…

Putting the “rapist” and “sadist” type stuff aside…possibly the weirdest claim made yet, is that I “hate women and children”…a conclusion for which there is no existing path to arrive at.

These types of claim, make no sense at all.

I welcome them, however…

…They provide me with yet another opportunity, to address misunderstandings about MAPs.

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