TRIBALISM: Memberships Canceled Over David’s Jimmy Dore Criticism…

Date: October 04, 2018

01) TRIBALISM: Memberships Canceled Over David’s Jimmy Dore Criticism

“David Pakman has lost subscribers and memberships over his idea that Jimmy Dore is toxic and damaging to progressives.”

To some here, this likely seems like a mundane issue…and I’ve not been heavily on top of all this…I’m tired of in fighting…

…But the opinions expressed in this video sum up my own views, pretty well.

I appreciate both, for different reasons…but, obviously, I don’t agree with either on everything.

I can understand why Jimmy was so irate about this issue…Cortez running on such a blatant progressive platform, just to turn around and voice support for a notorious corporate politician is…

…I mean…there’s a debate going on, whether taking over the democratic party is feasible…and whether it’s preferable to building a new party…

…If Cortez is signaling “a flip” in stance, immediately after staunchly claiming [and getting voted onward based on] a progressive platform…and before she even gets into office…then what is being said here?

…Or does Cortez think she has to play nice with the establishment, because she will be in a minority?

The Tea Party, in my opinion, was ultimately a disaster…They went in for a hostile take over…and they were intending to make a lot of casualties, in their path…They shut down the government…a few times, if memory serves me correct…A lot of people got angry with them…and they’re not what they used to be.

Are progressives playing a longer term strategy?

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