Paul et Virginie [2014]…


Date: October 05, 2018

01) Paul et Virginie [2014]

“Paul lives with his sick single mother Virginie, who has lost interest in life, and he struggles to take matters into his own hands.”

Awesome short movie…

As it goes for making human movies…I keep running into the realization, that they make the best movies, in cultures outside of the U.S.

For a 2014 movie…this is amazing…It’s how movies should be.

One of the things I love about the channel hosting this movie…is that I cannot even understand the dialogue in most of the movies they post…yet, I am totally engrossed and engaged with the movies, from start to end…because they are produced so excellently.

They are pure heart and soul…pure entertainment, from start to end.

…It’s the humanity element, which is typically missing in the U.S. movie landscape.

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