Economic Update: Public Policy, Private Pain…

Date: October 08, 2018

01) Economic Update: Public Policy, Private Pain

“Economic Update: [S8 E15] Public Policy, Private Pain

THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
00:51 – Updates on on Bloomberg’s findings that the U.S. is “among the least efficient” providers of health care;
05:21 – Poland’s unions demand wealth sharing role;
08:05 – money is corrupting U.S. politics in a new way;
09:30 – and Trump’s tariffs turn out to be bad for many U.S. corporations;
12:28 – announcements
15:03 – SPECIAL GUEST: Professor Wolff interviews Dr. Harriet Fraad on how public policies, past and present, serve corporate profits but undermine families, households and personal relationships.

Dr. Harriet Fraad is a Mental Health Counselor and hypnotherapist in private practice in New York City. Her work explores the intersections of American personal, economic and political life.

Her most recent articles appeared in Alternet, (2018) and the Book Knowledge Class and Economics: Marxism Without Guarantees (2018). She appears regularly on the radio/TV show Economic Update and also appears on such shows as Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp on RT TV. Her work can be found on her website”

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