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New Black Eyed Children Discoveries & Encounters…


Date: October 09, 2018

01) New Black Eyed Children Discoveries & Encounters

“Tonights show we will discuss the popular topic of Black Eyed Children. We will speak with guest on Encounters they have had or heard of with the Black Eyed Children and also the new discoveries on Black Eyed Children. It is said these Black Eyed Children can be found late at night near parks, along side empty roads but most shocking is at your front door..”


Legislators Pushing A Patriot Act, But For Human Trafficking In The Wake Of FOSTA…


Date: October 09, 2018

01) Legislators Pushing A Patriot Act, But For Human Trafficking In The Wake Of FOSTA

“[Rep. Ann] Wagner has made outrageous claims and pushed hard for outrageous legislation. She was one of the leading forces behind FOSTA. But she’s not done yet. As Elizabeth Nolan Brown points out in her excellent article for Reason, Wagner’s new bill is another Patriot Act — but with “human trafficking” standing in for “worldwide terrorism.”

Wagner’s bill (H.R. 6729)—the deceptively named the “Empowering Financial Institutions to Fight Human Trafficking Act” of 2018—is the latest in a long line of assaults on civil liberties disguised as attacks on the biggest crime panic of the decade, sex trafficking. Wagner alone brought us the SAVE Act in 2015 and FOSTA in 2018, both of which take aim at online anonymity, web publishing, social media, sex workers, and free speech under the guise of saving children from “modern slavery.”

Specifically, H.R. 6729 would allow financial institutions, federal regulatory bodies, nonprofit organizations, and law enforcement to share customer bank records between them without running afoul of rules regarding consumer privacy and without opening themselves up to lawsuits. Ostensibly, this would be done “in order to better identify and report potential human trafficking or money laundering activities.”

Wagner will strip immunity from websites and serve up immunity to banks. This plan to end sex trafficking isn’t being carried out in good faith. Distorted facts, distorted stats, and a whole bunch of made up data is par for the course. So, it makes sense the banks won’t have to operate in good faith either.

But these entities need not demonstrate that the “sharing was made on a good faith basis,” according to the current text of the bill.

This sounds like legislative encouragement for fishing expeditions”

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Should We Abolish the Sex Offender Registry? A Debate…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) Should We Abolish the Sex Offender Registry? A Debate

“On February 12, 2018, Emily Horowitz debated Marci Hamilton over whether we should abolish the registry for convicted sex offenders. Horowitz is chair of the sociology and criminal justice department at St. Francis College, and Hamilton authored Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children.

The debate took place at the Soho Forum, which runs Oxford-style debates in which the audience votes on the resolution at the beginning and end of the event. The side that gains more ground is victorious. ?In this case, Horowitz—who argued for abolition—won overwhelmingly by convincing 33 percent of the audience to switch over to her side.”

Florida Candidate for Circuit Court Judge Admits to Building Park to Banish Sex Offenders…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) Florida Candidate for Circuit Court Judge Admits to Building Park to Banish Sex Offenders

02) Linda Gaustad, Ryan Will tout experience in 7th circuit judge race

“Ryan Will, a homicide prosecutor with the 7th Circuit State Attorney’s Office who is running for Judge, admitted to the St. Augustine Record, that he helped communities install parks for the express purpose of banning persons required to register as sex offenders (who are subject to residency restrictions) from the area.

One of Will’s activities outside the courtroom is helping communities build parks in locations that use state law to keep sexual predators from moving into the neighborhood. Will led the effort to build the first one in his own neighborhood”

03) Floridiot persecutor Ryan Will builds pocket parks to remove registrants from their homes, and now thinks he can be an impartial judge

“In case there was any doubt that this guy gets his jollies kicking registered citizens from their homes, just watch the video. By the way, did you know he was publicly reprimanded by the Florida Bar Association? He’s barely holding on to his license now.”

I’ve been hearing about this problem, for several years now…

…Some of these “community parks”, are nothing more than a lone bench on a small strip of grass…sometimes in really awkward places.

…No area where a community can actually congregate, or hold any type of event.

When fake news kills: Lynchings in Mexico are linked to viral child-kidnap rumors…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) When fake news kills: Lynchings in Mexico are linked to viral child-kidnap rumors

“ACATLAN DE OSORIO, Mexico – Ricardo Flores’ goal was to study hard, become a lawyer and earn enough so that his parents could return from the United States – the destination of multitudes from this impoverished corner of south-central Mexico.

“Ricardo always said that once he was working, he was going to tell my mom to come back, because he missed her so much,” recalled his younger brother, Jose Guadalupe Flores, 16.

That dream came to a violent end one afternoon last month after rumors began circulating on social media and the WhatsApp messaging service that a pair of robachicos, or child snatchers, were on the prowl.

An enraged mob attacked Flores, 21, and his uncle, Alberto Flores Morales, 56, beating them before dousing them with gasoline and burning them alive on the street outside the police station here. The pair had been mistakenly suspected of child abduction, authorities said.

“It was like a great spell had overtaken the people,” said Lidia Palacios, a handicrafts shopkeeper who witnessed the linchamiento, or lynching, as such mob killings are known in Mexico. “They were yelling, ‘Kill them! Kill them!'”

This is just sickening.

Anti-PC Writers Tricked Seven Academic Journals Into Accepting Hoax Papers on Dog Rape, Fat Phobia, and More…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) Anti-PC Writers Tricked Seven Academic Journals Into Accepting Hoax Papers on Dog Rape, Fat Phobia, and More

“A trio of writers who describe themselves as left-leaning but decry the academic influence of political correctness, identity politics, and what they call “grievance studies” conducted an experiment: Could they fool scholarly journals into publishing hoax papers masquerading as legitimate scholarship?

The answer, it turns out, was yes. Seven journals accepted the fake papers, which were written by James Lindsay, a mathematician; Helen Pluckrose, editor of Areo; and Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University.

Four of the papers have been published, according to The Wall Street Journal:

One of the trio’s hoax papers, published in April by the journal Fat Studies, claims bodybuilding is “fat-exclusionary” and proposes “a new classification…termed fat bodybuilding, as a fat-inclusive politicized performance.” Editor Esther Rothblum said the paper had gone through peer review, and the author signed a copyright form verifying authorship of the article. “This author put a lot of work into this topic,” she said. “It is an interesting topic, looking at weight and bodybuilding. So I am surprised that, of all things, they’d write this as a hoax. As you can imagine, this is a very serious charge.” She plans to remove the paper from the Fat Studies website.

A hoax paper for the Journal of Poetry Therapy describes monthly feminist spirituality meetings, complete with a “womb room,” and discusses six poems, which Mr. Lindsay generated by algorithm and lightly edited. Founding editor Nicholas Mazza said the article went through blind peer review and revisions before its acceptance in July, but he regrets not doing more to verify the author’s identity. He added that it took years to build credibility and get the Journal of Poetry Therapy listed in major scholarly databases. “You work so hard, and you get something like this,” he said. Still, “I can see how editors like me and journals can be duped.”

Nevada to embark on new sex offender registry system, but critics say it’s overly harsh…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) Nevada to embark on new sex offender registry system, but critics say it’s overly harsh

“Segerblom, who has tried at least twice to repeal the Nevada version of the law, framed the decision to pass the state version of the Adam Walsh Act in 2007 as a rush job.

“We passed it because we only meet every two years, and the Legislature met right after the national Adam Walsh Act was passed,” he testified in the 2017 session. “We passed the most onerous law in the country. In fact, we still have probably the worst law in the country. Most states have never enacted the Adam Walsh Act. The ones that have enacted a law much less serious than ours.”

Most accusations of sex abuse made against teachers are made up by pupils says head of Britain’s biggest teaching union…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) Most accusations of sex abuse made against teachers are made up by pupils says head of Britain’s biggest teaching union

Thanks to feinmann0!

“The majority of sex abuse allegations made against teachers are ‘made up by pupils’, according to the chief of Britain’s biggest teaching union.

According to research carried out by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in 2015, more than 22 per cent of school and college staff have had false allegations made against them by a pupil. Studies also found that 14 per cent of allegations against staff was made by a pupil’s parent or family member.”

In a world where the dice is loaded fully in favour of an accuser making a false allegation, where an individual is able to profit from guaranteed anonymity and compensation, it is little wonder that one in five teachers (100,000 in UK state schools alone) have been falsely accused. The above statistics are predictable … after all 50% more allegations originate from an adult than a child.

Given the avalanche of sensationalist headlines in the media, it is little wonder kids believe to be ‘OK’ to target a teacher at their school. Really, I fail to see why men choose a teaching profession; essentially they are playing Russian Roulette with the security of their lives.”

There is no way I would ever work in a school for kids.

The insane nuts are out to get you.

Ana On Viral Meme Of Her…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) Ana On Viral Meme Of Her

I could have sworn this came from her meltdown, the night Trump won the election…where she chewed out people who voted for Trump, even more angerly.

Does that mean…this is a repeat incident?

The real reason I’m sharing this, however…is because of the “deep fake” [?] footage being featured.