Alan Alda with Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University…

Date: October 09, 2018

01) Alan Alda with Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University – EXTENDED

“Throughout his science investigative career, Alan Alda has met with Dr. Sapolsky several times. In this video they discuss what Neuroscience could contribute to the alternatives to incarceration: rehabilitation, therapy, and more. Dr. Sapolksy is well-known for his early work studying primates in Kenya. His current research revolves around stress levels and the relationship with neurodegeneration.

In this extended version, Alan asks Sapolsky his views about free will, morality, and what outside factors could contribute to making a person break the law.

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So…society is inept, at dealing with those who are biologically [and hence, behaviorally] different?…

…Yes…I would say so.

An individual who is different could end up being ostracized, imprisoned, etc…because society does not know what to do with them, or where else they might naturally fit in the normal social mix.

This is an important discussion.

“The modern criminal justice system is incompatible, with modern neuroscience.”


…and, yes…

..It necessarily does need to be scrapped…along with the awful ideologies propping it up.

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