Tom Grauer: So, MAPs Are Now Expendable?…

Date: October 15, 2018

01) Jerry Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy Partly Explains Why Our Sexuality is Illegal

Thanks to feinmann0!

“So, as for me personally, I had simply been an anti-Feminist years before I realized what Male Sexualism is and that I am one, and will continue to be anti-Feminist regardless of whatever happens with this Male Sexualism project. Surely, I’m not alone feeling this sentiment; all the “core” Male Sexualists are anti-Feminists.

And yet, we constantly have to deal with the “MAP community” and with other related communities who have zero interest in anti-Feminism, and whose only beef with Feminism – if, indeed, there even is one at all – is that it prevents them from “platonically cuddling with little boys” or whatever it is these people want to do. See, the boy lovers are trying to have their “LGBTP” thing (lol – it’s never gonna happen), while the girl lovers are often much worse manginas than some of our enemies! Honestly, if you tell me, “Women past age 13 do not sexually attract me at all,” I’m going to assume that you’re fucked up and a liability rather than an asset.

By the way, I notice that I get along easier with regular homos than with pedo homos, since the functionality of the regular homos is much superior to that of the pedo ones, which lends empirical credence to the observation that clinical pedos really are neurologically messed up.’

A clear example of Tom Grauer shooting himself in the foot by alienating many who might otherwise sympathise with, and support, his male sexualism project, doubtless including several who occasionally comment on his blog.

His continual narrowing of the eligibility of a male sexualist will eventually result in a movement containing one person: Tom Grauer. This strategy is not without risk; he has already been noticed elsewhere: “

I didn’t know Tom was blogging, again.

It’s always felt to me, like he was trying to tap into the MAP community, and what we have already established…not the other way around.

I’m sure many MAPs have asked what Tom brings to the table, that we don’t already have…A lot of us have been doing what he does [in a general sense], far longer…and without the over the top dogma…

To many blog deletions and crazy reactions, have really given his credibility a beating.

In addition…you cant just show up out of nowhere, declare yourself “our leader”, and expect people to follow…

I have yet to see Tom earn his standing…Sure, he has had some amusing blogs…but, seriously…It takes deep dedication, long term, in order to build reputation and status.

Bottom line for me…

…Some of what Tom espouses, is critically irreconcilable with some of my core values…as a humanist…even just as a decent human being.

…I won’t betray my own values, just because somebody claims I might get laid if I do…I’m a far deeper human being than that…My life is nuanced…This world is nuanced…

…I’ve never had a problem with feminism…

…I have a problem with asshole feminists…In the same way I have a problem with assholes of any arena.

I’ve given Tom at least a few comments on his blog…at least one, was a fine piece of writing…original, even…which got orphaned, after he deleted his blog…

…I don’t like these kinds of games, nor the wasting of my time and energy…especially not when it’s given in good faith…Hence, I’m in no hurry to rush back.

Tom can say what he likes…But it just comes off as sad jabs, at people who largely aren’t even paying attention to him.

6 thoughts on “Tom Grauer: So, MAPs Are Now Expendable?…

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      …We aren’t trying to join the LGBT…I thought this was fairly well understood.

      I think a lot of MAPs are reluctant to have such an alliance, because of the additional baggage we would have to take on.

      As I already stated…there are some things Tom promotes, which I am fundamentally against…and I don’t see the hyperbole as being useful.

      MAPs don’t need a polarizing character, to further fracture our community.

      Tom should focus on more positive things…not strike out at people disinterested in what he is offering.

  1. feinmann0

    Yure, actually I don’t think he is misinformed … I think he is deeply homophobic, and thus fundamentally flawed when it comes to putting himself forward as a male sexualist champion.

    Steve: ‘I’ve given Tom at least a few comments on his blog…at least one, was a fine piece of writing…original, even…which got orphaned, after he deleted his blog…’ Yes, a shame your comment got relegated to the dustbin of history. Mine suffered the same ignominious fate just as his first male sexualist blog got scrapped. My comment took issue with his anti-boylover stance back then, and indeed he subsequently devoted a whole topic on why I was wrong. Within a day or so, the blog disappeared. I hope me commenting here does not have the same effect on OLF!

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “I hope me commenting here does not have the same effect on OLF!”

      When the day comes that I cease blogging…I’m pretty sure you wont be to blame for it. 🙂

      You’re right…

      …Nobody can be a spokesperson for male sexuality, while omitting all forms of “male with male” sexuality…Because that’s about as pure a form of male sexualism, as has ever existed.

      It’s not all about “chasin’ the pussy” and making babies.


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