“Me Too” Has BACKFIRED, American Opinion is WORSE…

Date: October 17, 2018

01) “Me Too” Has BACKFIRED, American Opinion is WORSE

Of course…being part of a demonized sexual orientation group…I’m biased, from living my life under these witch hunts and inhumane persecutions…

…I’m especially perceptive and resistant to it, whenever people start pointing fingers…looking for a place to lay blame…looking to inflict something extremely bad, upon others…

I naturally distrust [and dislike] the “me too” movement…because I recognize the witch hunting inherent in it…and I recognize the escalation it represents, in hostility towards human sexuality…

…I recognize it encourages false, or distorted, accounts of assault…

…I recognize that it encourages people to self identify as “victim”…even the people who may have only experienced a minor social irritation, or moment of awkward discomfort…possibly even one caused by personal misunderstanding…or a total misreading of the situation.

We are living in a world…where trivial things are being elevated to some sort of “personal trauma”…and that is not a good thing.

These sorts of manufactured “social epidemics”, have a horrible impact on so many of the rest of us…who aren’t doing even a single damn thing, which is sexually aggressive or inappropriate…

…I’m fed up with being collateral damage in this warped nonsense.

The sexual aggressors are the people pointing the fingers, from my vantage point…

…They always have been.

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