Trump Voters: I Regret My Vote…

Date: October 17, 2018

01) Trump Voters: I Regret My Vote

“Former Trump voters REALLY regret their vote.

The divisiveness in this country right now, and the rhetoric coming from the president, is a daily exhausting thing,” said Sydney Cohan, another regretful Trump voter. She added that she fears “the wannabe dictator in the White House” will suspend future elections.

Stephanie Martin, a lifelong Republican and “part of the Religious right,” said she felt “embarrassed” and was considering changing parties. “The values coming from the White House just don’t mesh up with what I believe.”


I don’t regret my sentiment that “we’ll get through this”, after Trump won…I don’t regret the elation in Hillary’s defeat, either…

What we are currently going through…this is the awful “medicine”, which the people of this country need…

…It’s a result of the disease of political apathy…decades upon decades of it.

…Hillary would have likely placated enough people, to have kept it dragging on another four to eight years…

…But Trump and Pence?…Now, that’s going to cause some healthy unrest.

I figured this was going to get pretty ugly…and it has…less than a year in.

Don’t feel bad if you voted for Trump, as a protest vote…

…The U.S. public needs to be pissed off, over it’s political state of existence…not wooed into a euphoric diversion, over having the first female U.S. president…

…There are more pressing issues…Besides…Who’s to say we haven’t already had a “woman trapped in a mans body”, as one of our previous U.S. presidents?…Think about it!…

Hopefully…the presidential aspirations of Mike Pence are also going down the toilet, along with Trump…

It’s getting harder to believe, that Pence will get elected…but we still have to worry about a Trump death, impeachment, abdication…or whatever else could happen, to give Pence an automatic swearing in.

Not that that likely makes a whole lot of difference…

…I get the feeling, there’s a lot more of a Bush Cheney dynamic going on, than is obvious on the surface.

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