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Anti-encryption bill in Australia…


Date: October 19, 2018

01) slvrspun: Anti-encryption bill in Australia

02) Apple sounds alarm over Australia’s proposed anti-encryption law

“In a rare show of public protest, Apple has berated the Morrison government’s proposed anti-encryption bill, calling it “dangerously ambigious” and “alarming to every Australian”.

The Access and Assistance Bill would see tech companies like Apple compelled to help federal authorities gain access to encrypted communications, which the government has said are increasingly being used by terrorist groups and criminals to avoid detection and disruption.

Under the bill, Apple’s own encrypted messaging service iMessage would be susceptible to breaches by authorities, as would third-party messaging services like Wickr, and locked iPhone devices.

“[It] could allow the government to order the makers of smart home speakers to install persistent eavesdropping capabilities.” – Apple

In a seven-page submission to federal Parliament that was made public on Friday afternoon, Apple said that, rather than protecting citizens from online criminal behaviour, the changes could undermine the privacy and security of smartphone users.

Although the Australian government says the bill’s intention isn’t to compel software “back doors”, Apple says the “breadth and vagueness of the bill’s authorities, coupled with ill-defined restrictions” leaves its meaning open to interpretation.”

Are they really this uninformed?…or just stupid?

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Dismantling the stigma against discussing child sexual abuse prevention…

Date: October 19, 2018

01) Dismantling the stigma against discussing child sexual abuse prevention

“Prostasia Foundation CEO Jeremy Malcolm explains how stigma forms the biggest obstacle for child sexual abuse prevention.”

This is the Prostasia Foundation…

…I’m certain some of their core positions differ substantially from my own…

Maybe I’ll feature more of their videos…maybe not…I’ve not really watched them yet…

…and I have a strong reluctance against featuring content, which I feel badly stigmatizes positive, early life sexuality…and positive sexual relations, which fall outside of the “normal” social narrative.

I only feature such, if I intend on providing a thoughtful response to it…Which, I don’t do so much, anymore.

Child sexual abuse is a real thing…And I am against it…

…But I am also against people who forcefully dictate from on high, when happy relationships in happy settings, amongst happy people [child and adult], “are child sexual abuse”.

The Scary Crushing Of Dissident Voices with Carey Wedler…

Date: October 19, 2018

01) [130] The Scary Crushing Of Dissident Voices w/ Carey Wedler

“Lee camp speaks with editor of Anti-Media Carey Wedler about leftist news sources being purged from social media platforms. Then, he speaks with Reverend Edward Pinkney about his experience as a political prisoner.”

Yes…This is how these businesses work.

It’s interesting watching this sort of thing happen to more mainstream people.

I don’t support this abusive censorship…but…it needs to happen, to get people angry and mobilized.

UK police force sends ‘C5’ leaflets to suspected paedophiles…


Date: October 19, 2018

01) Police force sends leaflets to suspected paedophiles including 10 children who they believe may be grooming possible victims to remind them that sex abuse is illegal

Thanks to feinmann0!

“UK police force sends ‘C5’ leaflets to suspected paedophiles, including 10 children who they believe may be grooming possible victims, to remind them that sex abuse is illegal.


Communication – communicating with someone under the age of 18 about sex – either in person, on the telephone, or via technology and/or social media – may mean you are committing a sexual offence.

Think about who you are communicating with and the content of your conversation. Keep it respectful and safe.

Conduct – sex with anyone under the age of 16 is illegal. Don’t take advantage of someone because of their age or vulnerability.

Think about your sexual behaviour. Enjoy sex that is ased on mutual respect and understanding.

Control – it is a criminal offence to try to control someone under 18 by using violence, intimidation, persuasion or aggression so that you or someone else can engage in sexual activity with them.

Think about your relationships. Make informed choices about your sexual behaviour and let others do the same.

Consent – if you engage in sexual activity with someone who has not freely consented, you are committing a sexual offence.

Remember: you have a responsibility to check that the other person consents to sex. Consent cannot be freely given if the person is under the influence of drink or drugs, in fear or placed under pressure. Talk about consent with your sexual partner.

Consequences – Hampshire Police will be monitoring your behaviour in future. If you are convicted of a sexual offence at a later date, your life will change. You may go to prison and you will be placed on the Sex Offender Register. This means there may be controls placed on where you live and who you live with, the type of work you can do, your travel and your use of technology.

I confirm that I have read this notice and fully understand its content which has been explained to me by the serving officer.'”

Honestly…this is pathetic.

The UK Police think they are internet nannies.

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