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Jeff Sessions Thinks Marijuana Caused The Opioid Epidemic…

Date: October 28, 2018

01) Jeff Sessions Thinks Marijuana Caused The Opioid Epidemic

“Jeff Sessions has come out and said that marijuana is causing the opioid epidemic. All the science says just the opposite. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Peter Mougey discuss this issue.
Interesting thing, Jeff Sessions, we got a short period of time here. But Jeff Sessions has come out and said that marijuana is causing the opioid epidemic. All the science says just the opposite. But Jeff Sessions says, “No, I don’t have any studies. But I can tell you that what’s happened here is the opiod crisis is being caused by marijuana.” What’s your take?

I think Sessions actually was quoted as saying that marijuana fuels the opiate epidemic when the science is directly the opposite and what I loved, there’s a 2016 Journal of Pain, which is an industry journal. So we’re not talking about a left winging organization. Journal Pain found that marijuana use was associated with a 64% reduction in opiate use among patients with chronic pain because marijuana can be used to decrease chronic pain rather than taken with opiates without the longterm addictive nature of opiates. Sessions has got it all backwards.

What is this about? I mean, first of all, you’ve got all these states, they voted. I mean, the votes have been overwhelming. I think in Florida it was 70% to be able to use medical-

passing a lot of, not just recreational use, but medicinal use of marijuana that reduces chronic pain. We mentioned earlier the opiates used for chronic pain with cancer, a lot of nausea. Well, one of the positive effects of marijuana in a medicinal use is it reduces nausea associated with cancer patients. So instead of popping highly addictive opiate you can smoke marijuana. Actually in the states that have legalized marijuana, they have less of an opiate problem than the states without it.

Interesting making stuff up as he goes.”

Borley Rectory – The Most Haunted House in England – Oddie’s Halloween Special…


Date: October 28, 2018

01) Borley Rectory – The Most Haunted House in England – Oddie’s Halloween Special

“The tiny parish of Borley is located in a lonely and sparsely populated area near the east coast of England, near the Suffolk border. It would be largely forgotten if not for the fact that it is the location of what came to be known as “The Most Haunted House in England”.
Harry Price took the case up after a newspaper carried a story about a ghostly nun at the house.. Price was asked by the paper to investigate and he was told about various types of paranormal phenomena that had been reported there, like phantom footsteps; written messages; ghostly whispers; the spirits of previous rectors, the sounds of a phantom coach outside; and of course, the spirit of the nun. This spectral figure was said to drift through the garden eternally searching for her executed lover.
Let us enter Borley Rectory my friends and see what we can awaken….

Oddie Beau’s ODDNESS Urban exploration & famous historical features! vintage crime cases & eccentric people from the past! …and other weird stuff 🙂 ….a dusty store window, filled with ancient alluring oddities. Once you’ve entered, you’ll never want to leave. Quality over quantity.”