Why Theists Can’t Convert Atheists…


Date: October 29, 2018

01) Why Theists Can’t Convert Atheists

“Do atheists ever find god? How can you make an atheist believe in god? Can you convert an atheist? Well, if you’re a theist, the answers to those questions might disappoint you. Theists often don’t understand atheism in the first place, and even when they do, they often use faulty arguments to prove god’s existence. When I came out as an atheist, I was bombarded by bad arguments for god, and that still hasn’t changed much. So, I thought I’d give theists some advice on how to talk to atheists.

It strikes me how so many “My conversion from atheist to Christian” type stories involve emotional reasoning. The Kalam cosmological argument, Paschal’s wager, the ontological argument, the argument for design, and the like don’t seem to convince many atheists, and those with decent critical thinking skills don’t seem to convert.”

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