The Problem with Jordan Peterson…

Date: October 30, 2018

01) The Problem with Jordan Peterson

“–Our long form analysis of Jordan Peterson, and more specifically the movement that has been created around him, including its ideology, shortcomings, and more”

Despite whatever personal flaws there might be…I like Jordan Peterson…I like articulate thinkers, who can express themselves.

…I like being pushed and challenged, to contemplate in ways I never have before…It expands my own psychological capacity…Jordan is one of those types of people, who can do that.

It’s true that Jordan came to prominence, in the capacity of a resistance to outrageous law…and push back against outrage culture.

He stepped up into a social role…which was in desperate need for someone to do what he did…because virtually nobody else was doing it.

Yes…any number of people with balls and a spine, could have done this in some capacity…But Jordan brought something unique, which resonated with large groups of people.

If it bothers one, that Jordan is currently such a focal point in this social struggle…might I suggest…that what should bother one infinitely more…is the fact that the forms of practical, good, broadly accepted advice being administered by Jordan…are not coming from the common places and relationships in culture, where it rightly should?

People are flocking to Jordan, an imperfect and fallible human being…because they’re not getting it elsewhere, in their daily relationships and experiences.

We can nit pick at the messenger endlessly…

…But maybe we should pay more attention, to just why stating the obvious has become such a rarity in human culture?…and why being open and honest, is so taboo?

1 thought on “The Problem with Jordan Peterson…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I should also add, that this video is more about the people who follow Jordan, than it is about Jordan himself.

    There’s also a few noteworthy, thoughtful responses in the comments section…Though, I wouldn’t blame anyone for avoiding the YouTube comments section…There’s a bit of goodness buried in there.


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