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A Rapid Introduction (narrated)…


Date: November 01, 2018

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.



I am a skeptic…

…I don’t accept things, based upon the cultural popularity of a belief.

Cultures and groups always harbor and promote, some amount of false information and erroneous beliefs.

It is most ethical, to stand up and attempt to correct these errors…

All beliefs and “statements of fact”, are subject to at least thorough dissection…to the point where we find validation in them…or justify discarding them.

Free Thinker:

I am a free thinker…

There is no philosophical subject matter possible to be fathomed, which is “off limits” for discussion…


I possess a curious, explorative mind, which needs to be free…

…My mind will not be caged or controlled, by those with dull, dogmatic and forbidding minds.


I am a relativist…

…meaning, that I take into account all known factors and variables, before making a decision.

I am not dogmatic…and I strive to make the best decision, that fits the current circumstance.


I am a humanist…

…My morals and ethics are based on logic and compassion.

I believe that all people should be treated with dignity…and it makes most sense, for us to build bridges and care for one another.


I am a naturalist…Not to be confused with a naturist, or nudist…

…I live in the natural world, and accept that it’s not perfect…I accept that there are forces and needs in nature, which are not going away…no matter how much we try to end or conceal them…

…I live by the philosophy, that if something has objectively bad elements about it…we need to funnel it into a productive direction…Responding to it with extremism, will only compound problems, and make them manifest in other ways…likely more extreme, than they would have originally been.


I am an atheist…or, a non-theist..

…I do not identify with any organized religion…nor do I subscribe to beliefs explicitly born out of theology.


My heart leans anarchist…while my brain lives with the reality, of the awful mess which is currently in place.

…I have not yet, sworn off and abandoned all hope of redeeming [what is supposed to be] “our” political system…with a strong emphasis on the word “yet”…

I am not officially affiliated with any political party.


I am pro-speech, and believe that nobody should be deprived of equal opportunity to express their mind.

…While I do have a “When in Rome” philosophy where it comes to individual platforms [meaning that you respect the scope and focus of the forum you are on]…I do not believe it is logically right, or ethical, to allow hyperbolic, dehumanizing and slanderous speech aimed at specific demographics, while prohibiting a response from the people of those maligned demographics.

Personal websites are subject to personal viewpoints, and personal rules…But websites serving a broad, vast portion of the world population [and hence functioning as a vital social hub], hold a unique responsibility, to act with scrupulous inclusion.


I condemn all forms of brutality…with the sole exception of those committed in the explicit aim of self defense, from immediate threat.

I condemn telling lies, and making threats…

…I condemn all forms of terrorism…

…I condemn forcing the unwilling, who don’t want to be involved.

Personal Cognition:

I believe and assert, that all humans have a right to their own experiences, and a right to their own cognition of those experiences.

Nobody has the right to assault or diminish others, based upon how they experienced something in the real world…nor based upon how they further talk about those experiences.


I am sexually oriented towards pedos…Pedos are children.

My primary range of attraction roughly rests within seven to twelve years of age.

I am not sexually attracted to adults.


I am overwhelmingly attracted to boys.

Because I am also male, this orientation makes me a form of homosexual.

…I do not identify as gay, nor as LGBT.

I am not officially affiliated with any modern, mainstream LGBT organization.

I Support the Right to Love:

I support the advancement, of the social rights and protections of sexual minorities…including those of the LGBT…and those of any individuals, who would choose to be together in a loving relationship [sexual, or not].


…”Involuntary Celibate”…

While I do not personally use this title to describe myself…I acknowledge that having lived most of my life sexually celibate, under a state of threat and duress, has made the term “InCel” applicable to me by default.

I am not officially associated with the InCel community…Though I reserve the right to interact with them.


I observe and abide by standing law, while legally working within the social structure, to change what needs to be changed.

Celebrating Love and Life:

It is my philosophy…that we need to cherish, highlight and celebrate, those things which bring meaning, joy and well being into our lives…

…This is why, now more than ever…we need the freedom to freely and naturally love one another, and be true to our own natures.

We must combat with love and openness the plague of isolation, unmet needs…and the social anger they cause, which is taring us apart as a species…

We must forge a better way…because the path we are currently going down, only leads to death and destruction…and grave suffering.

We need to end this cycle…

…We need to end it, right now.

I stand with love and life…in defiance of the social plague, which is killing us from within.

I choose to be the medicine…not the disease.


It Falls Upon Them, Not Us…


Date: November 01, 2018


…I’m receiving positive feedback, for making this move, and taking this position.

It’s hard when you are confronted with these sorts of things…

…Because you look at the people who are causing it, and you recognize the same old, relentless, violent, anti-human views and practices…And these people are brain dead idiots [possibly why they fall for such hyperbolic beliefs, so easily]…

It’s like…well, let’s take a look back at them, and dissect them…because they aren’t going to come out of this looking good, at all…And their vast shortcomings will give us all a better reference, as to just how valid and trustworthy they are…[aka, not at all]…

…I am so sick of setting by, and watching the worst people, with the most disgusting abusive views on human rights, seizing the course of dialogue on issues which have dominated the lives of countless…including my own life…

It’s almost impossible hard, to refrain from wishing that all the inhumane things they wish and demand upon others, not be the literal fate that they, themselves, face…I just rarely say that, out in the open…

…But it’s crossed my mind, many times.

…These are people who literally deserve it

They live lives, which are all about tormenting, murdering, and all around fucking over, other people…

…Anyone who would work to do such a thing to other human beings…deserves that thing [whatever it is] for themselves.

Since they are so enthusiastic…let them be the first in line, for “the procedure” [whatever it is they have specified]…

…Then, once they are dealt with…allow saner minds to prevail, and call it all off for the rest of us decent people.

They are the problem…This is not even debatable…If they cannot control themselves, wont stop being a public menace…and they “just cannot live with” others different from themselves…then it falls upon them, to sustain the brunt of the sacrifice…

…This fate does not rightly fall upon those, who these psychopaths target.


9-Year-Old Falsely Accused Of Groping White Woman Says He ‘Felt Humiliated’…

Date: November 01, 2018

01) 9-Year-Old Falsely Accused Of Groping White Woman Says He ‘Felt Humiliated’

“Jeremiah Harvey, the 9-year-old boy accused of groping a woman at a Brooklyn convenience store last week, told “Good Morning America” that he was deeply embarrassed by the allegation, which was proved false.

The incident was the latest to go viral on social media in which a white person called the police on a black person over apparently innocuous actions.

“I’ve had this lately on my mind,” Harvey, who is black, said while seated next to his mother in the tearful interview that aired Friday.

“I felt humiliated,” he added.

The incident happened when Harvey was at the convenience store with his mother, Someko Bellille, and his younger sister. Surveillance video showed the woman, Teresa Klein, who is white, leaning over a counter when the boy’s backpack seems to graze her rear, his hands clearly not touching her.

But Klein thought Harvey groped her and appeared to call police. (New York police told CNN they had no record of any such call.) In video of the incident, she is seen shouting into her phone that she had been “sexually assaulted by a child.”

“Cornerstore Caroline” is an a-hole.