Cultural Representation: Would your life be different?…


Date: November 04, 2018

01) Would your life be different?

“Queer stories were not adequately represented (and still aren’t) in my cultural content when I was younger. I think that had a large role to play in my journey to coming out. I wonder if that representation had existed, if/how my life might be different?”

This is Lindsay Amer…She’s the person behind a project named Queer Kid Stuff

I became aware of Queer Kid Stuff pretty early on…and probably four months or so, before religious people started losing their minds over the channel.

Personally…I figured I’d wait and see how things played out, before venturing any type of comment on it…and I’m not going to give a comment here…not one relating to the fundamental project, for which Lindsay is now scorned by the zealots.

…But, I did want to write down a few thoughts, in response to this video.

While I agree partially with one of her commenters…that what goes on on the television [and media], isn’t the most critical [or even best] thing to judge yourself by…or pattern yourself after…

…I think that commenter misses a massive point…

…That being…a total absence of respect worthy representation in media [and culture], can have a severely negative impact on the person who is different…

So what, if we homosexuals are no more than ten percent of the population?…So what, if we were less than five percent of the population?…

…Why should this translate into any “justification”, that we be entirely wiped out of media [except in the worst possible representation]?…

…Why would anyone feel outraged, that we might finally get some type of good representation in media?

What’s going on with those people who are fighting it?…that they would object to any positive representation of homosexuals?…or people who are sexually different?

It does not decrease or degrade their own [presumably heterosexual] representation…It merely makes a place in media, for others who also live on this planet.

I think…and being an actual pedophile…yes…this is a long shot of a thing…but, I do think…that it would have made a tremendous amount of positive difference in my own life, had people like me been accurately represented in media.

I think I understand quite well, what Lindsay is doing here…It parallels what I have been doing, for well over a decade…striking out to help create modern identity and culture, for groups who’ve been deprived of such basic normality.

Even if I wouldn’t agree with Lindsay on everything she says…I have a ton of respect for her, in the stand she is taking…It is one hard stand…

Outsiders will never do for our communities…what our communities need to do, for ourselves…

…And it’s the people who forge the paths forward, who suffer the brunt of the abuse…

There is little reward in being a social healer…Countless people will hate you for it…even threaten your life…Some would murder you, if given the chance…

…But the people of our communities, who walk this road…who live this existence…

…we all know the life and death necessity of it…

We know the vital importance of what we are doing…even if 99% of the world, will never grasp it.


4 thoughts on “Cultural Representation: Would your life be different?…

  1. feinmann0

    Good on you Lindsay! Linked in several ways to Desmond’s story. All the more pressing as the age of puberty keeps getting revised downwards.

    A three year age difference between me and my young ‘boyfriend’ at boarding school became construed as a gay relationship back then, and I suffered a ton of guilt trips because of it. Something so beautiful and positive became successfully corrupted and despised by peers and teachers alike.

    Of all the places where sex education needs to be expanded to encompass human sexuality and sexual relationships, schools must be numero uno. They appear to have failed spectacularly to date.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “A three year age difference…”

      Very sad, indeed…

      …To my mind, judgement should be reserved for the physical manifestation of the act…and it should have little [or nothing] to do with age…except for what is rationally appropriate for an age group.

      Age gaps?…Three years is not much, at all.

      Like you…I also deeply wrestled with a lot of emotions as a boy [mostly religion inflicted], even though I was the one being aggressively pursued and advanced on.

      The intent and desire of my companions was never in any doubt…But I was mortified at the notion of getting caught…going to hell, because “god could see all”…or impregnating my cousin [we never actually did mate, however, though she wanted to]…

      Later in life…I’d learn that, statistically, she could not even get pregnant…Not sure if it would have altered the course of things…but, it would have been nice to know, at the time.

      I don’t know that I entirely understood the legal ramifications…but, I knew bad things would happen to us, if what was going on came out in public.

      One of the many reasons I speak out today…is because of this…

      Sexual beings, should not be forced to endure that.

  2. feinmann0

    “Age gaps?…Three years is not much, at all.” But a marked physical difference between a pre-pubescent and a virtual post-pubescent, plus a homophobic culture, rendered the anomaly visible to all.

    “Like you…I also deeply wrestled with a lot of emotions as a boy [mostly religion inflicted], even though I was the one being aggressively pursued and advanced on.” Adults always underestimate just how powerful and intense a kid’s emotions can be. Your story reminds me of what might have been if you both had full freedom like this boy:


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