Remains Of 63 Fetuses Found In A Detroit Funeral Home…

Date: November 05, 2018

01) Time: Remains Of 63 Fetuses Found In A Detroit Funeral Home

“The remains of 63 fetuses were found hidden in a funeral home in Detroit.”

Owner of Perry Funeral Home responds to allegations of mishandling fetus and infant bodies:

Elsewhere Also – Fetus Remains Found in Owosso’s Mowen Funeral Home:

It was a weird time last month, when they started finding the remains of infants and fetuses in funeral homes…

…Some people are freaking out over this…particularly religious and superstitious people, who were suggesting all sorts of insanity [like, “the property would be cursed for centuries”]…but, honestly…it sounds more like it’s one of two predictable circumstances…

…The funeral homes got stuck with abandoned bodies, the families never paid to have buried, cremated, etc…or the funeral homes were derelict in their services…

…Possibly, the families never claimed the cremated remains, as well.

It would seem there should be a government public service program, to handle such remains.

It is strange to simply keep them for years.

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