A British pedophile who wants to come to France says in court “that pedophilia will one day be accepted in the same way that was homosexuality” [French Article]…

Date: November 06, 2018

01) Un pédophile britannique qui veut venir en France affirme au tribunal “que la pédophilie sera un jour acceptée de la même manière que l’a été l’homosexualité”

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“Jason Leonard, 37, considered by the British authorities as a dangerous pedophile, was sentenced in 2013 to 32 months in prison for possession of child pornography. A court also forbade him to travel outside the country.

But Jason Leonard has filed an appeal to get the British justice lifts the ban, considering himself a victim of discrimination, reports The Mirror.

To the amazement of the court, Jason Leonard compared the situation of pedophiles to that of “Jews and homosexuals during the Second World War”.

During the hearing, this pedophile stated that the age of his “ideal companion” would be between “12 and 14 years”. And that’s why he wants to travel to countries where the sexual majority is lower, such as Thailand, Spain or … France.

While the judge asked how old she was when she was a sexual majority, the pedophile assumed that a “child of speaking age is old enough to have sex”.

The judge also asked for her opinion on the rape, but declined to answer the question.

As for Jason Leonard’s lawyer, he said that the court’s decision to ban his client from traveling outside of Britain “was completely disproportionate because there is nothing in the criminal record of his client who proves that he has had sex with a child. The only thing he has ever done is to download child pornography. ”

The court nevertheless refused to lift the ban, recalling that Jason Leonard is “deeply disturbed with openly pedophile behavior.”

A British police officer commented on this case.

“It is unique. During my last 10 years of service, I have never met a sex offender who openly admits his pedophile tendencies. It is precisely because he assumes that he becomes exceptionally dangerous.

“Mr. Leonard has expressed his desire to leave the country because he thinks the police, the judicial system and the government of our country are persecuting pedophiles. He is convinced of it. He compares this to the persecution of homosexuals 40 years ago. He is convinced that pedophilia will one day be accepted in the same way as homosexuality has been “.

On this last point, given the moral degradation of our society, it is unfortunately likely that the future is right Jason Leonard.”

2 thoughts on “A British pedophile who wants to come to France says in court “that pedophilia will one day be accepted in the same way that was homosexuality” [French Article]…

  1. feinmann0

    An English version here from Newsweek: newsweek.com/paedophile-wants-move-another-country-so-he-can-have-sex-children-1087257

    ‘A British police officer Detective Constable Andrew Ashworth said Leonard was an “exceptional risk.” “Mr. Leonard is unique,” Ashworth noted. “In the 10 years performing this role I have never met a sexual offender who quite openly acknowledges his pedophile tendencies. He is exceptional and has been risked as exceptional.”‘

    I am pretty sure that Detective Constable Andrew Ashworth would be mortified if he were told that he was an exceptional risk to women if he were to admit to his heterosexual tendencies, because he is a man and we all know every man is a potential rapist.

    This is a blatant discrimination and Jason Leonard should sue that policeman, just as David Pattinson is suing the ex-Crown Prosecution Director, Alison Saunders, for criminal conduct against British men.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I agree…and thanks for the link.

      They wouldn’t know what to do, if they suddenly started getting treated, exactly how they treat us.

      They should get treated this way, though…They might actually learn some empathy.


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