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Yes, Georgia’s Governor Election Was Rigged By Republicans & There Is Proof…

Date: November 08, 2018

01) Yes, Georgia’s Governor Election Was Rigged By Republicans & There Is Proof

“The long lines and packed precincts in Georgia on midterm election day were not an accident – that was exactly what Republicans wanted to happen because they knew that it would cost Democrat Stacey Abrams votes while giving some much-needed aide to Republican Brian Kemp. More than 1,500 voting machines have been found that were locked away, voting machines that could have easily prevented the long lines and hours-long wait times. The state lied about why these machines were locked up, and Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what really happened.


Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders Announcement…

Date: November 08, 2018

01) Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders Announcement

Thanks to feinmann0!

“On Wednesday 31st October 2018, Alison Saunders’ final day as the UK’s Director of Public Prosecutions, David Pattinson’s Atlantic Future (dpaf) announced a ‘Citizen’s Prosecution’ of Alison Saunders. Britain’s ‘Dream Team’ of falsely accused men gathered at the event to announce their Citizens Prosecution against Alison Saunders for repeated criminal conduct against British men, carried out during her tenure as Head of the Crown Prosecution Service. Her prosecutions of these men were wholly malicious in nature and and she manipulated evidence to achieve unjust outcomes. This is the announcement made by David Pattinson.”

Alison Saunders to be prosecuted by the British people led by a dream team of the falsely accused including: David Pattinson, Mark Pearson, Ade Samuels, Jeffrey Ketland, Jonathan King, Johnny Fox, Patrick Graham, Mike Buchannan, Christopher Ferris, Samuel Armstrong, Danny Kay, Carl Baxter and many more!”

I really do wish this Citizen’s Prosecution success in achieving its aims. The UK justice system has been weaponised and used against men, and Alison Saunders has undoubtedly been the Queen Bee directing attacks from her male-hating feminist hive.”

This is awesome!

Those people who parasitically live and thrive off of the torment and destruction of Good People, must be brought to justice…They must face true justice…

…What they spend their lives doing, is as pure an evil, as evil comes.

I fully support bringing these types of people before a court, or tribunal…or, a court of the people.

Someday…this is going to be a reality, for the vast span of inhumane crimes [and derelictions of legal protections], aimed at MAPs, by members and servants of the government.

Someday…this wickedness will be atoned for…there will be deep consequence.

…And if I am wrong…then likely these people and their wickedness, will have driven the human species and it’s social structures straight into the ground…probably into total annihilation.

These people are too stupid, mean, self centered and cruel, to ever avoid turning the potential of good in what we have, into total shit.

We are governed…tormented, abused and raped, by the worst predatory specimens, which the human species has to offer.


Corporate Dems Weaponizing Age In 2020…

Date: November 08, 2018

01) Corporate Dems Weaponizing Age In 2020

“It’s a question some Democrats are pondering as the 2020 presidential election inches closer: Can their party represent change when three of its top candidates are not only familiar faces, but people in their retirement years?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) will enter her 70s in June. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is 77. Former Vice President Joe Biden will turn 76 later this month.


Individual Sex Rights: The Rightful Place of Government…


Date: November 08, 2018

Governments simply have no rightful place, dictating how, where and when an individual may experience shared sexual pleasure.

This is not a valid concern or pursuit, of any existing government…nor of any future government…except to the extent, that said government protects the rights and freewill of individuals involved in such shared pleasure.

Governments have no rightful authority, in dictating and imposing a rigid social structure upon happy, positive human sexuality…They further have no rightful authority, in punishing humans who do not conform to their rigid, and often cruel, demands upon their public and private life.

Governments have no right, to strip humans of personal meaning in life…including that meaning, based upon an individuals sexuality.

Humans do not exist to be chattel to governments, nor the people who control those governments.

Governments do have a valid interest and authority, in protecting humans from objective sexual brutality, which directly cause objective bodily injury, and/or directly cause objective psychological injury

…This does not include sexual engagements, that merely cause individuals to wrestle with the pre-existing morals [religion, social, etc.] they have held…as such is simply a normal part of being human, growing and evolving as an individual…It does not constitute any form of violence.

We all go through this sort of thing, in connection to a myriad of issues and experiences in our lives…It constitutes no valid excuse, to inflict punishment upon another human being.