Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders Announcement…

Date: November 08, 2018

01) Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders Announcement

Thanks to feinmann0!

“On Wednesday 31st October 2018, Alison Saunders’ final day as the UK’s Director of Public Prosecutions, David Pattinson’s Atlantic Future (dpaf) announced a ‘Citizen’s Prosecution’ of Alison Saunders. Britain’s ‘Dream Team’ of falsely accused men gathered at the event to announce their Citizens Prosecution against Alison Saunders for repeated criminal conduct against British men, carried out during her tenure as Head of the Crown Prosecution Service. Her prosecutions of these men were wholly malicious in nature and and she manipulated evidence to achieve unjust outcomes. This is the announcement made by David Pattinson.”

Alison Saunders to be prosecuted by the British people led by a dream team of the falsely accused including: David Pattinson, Mark Pearson, Ade Samuels, Jeffrey Ketland, Jonathan King, Johnny Fox, Patrick Graham, Mike Buchannan, Christopher Ferris, Samuel Armstrong, Danny Kay, Carl Baxter and many more!”

I really do wish this Citizen’s Prosecution success in achieving its aims. The UK justice system has been weaponised and used against men, and Alison Saunders has undoubtedly been the Queen Bee directing attacks from her male-hating feminist hive.”

This is awesome!

Those people who parasitically live and thrive off of the torment and destruction of Good People, must be brought to justice…They must face true justice…

…What they spend their lives doing, is as pure an evil, as evil comes.

I fully support bringing these types of people before a court, or tribunal…or, a court of the people.

Someday…this is going to be a reality, for the vast span of inhumane crimes [and derelictions of legal protections], aimed at MAPs, by members and servants of the government.

Someday…this wickedness will be atoned for…there will be deep consequence.

…And if I am wrong…then likely these people and their wickedness, will have driven the human species and it’s social structures straight into the ground…probably into total annihilation.

These people are too stupid, mean, self centered and cruel, to ever avoid turning the potential of good in what we have, into total shit.

We are governed…tormented, abused and raped, by the worst predatory specimens, which the human species has to offer.


3 thoughts on “Citizens Prosecution of Alison Saunders Announcement…

  1. feinmann0

    Alison Saunders’ character matches perfectly with that of the women detailed below … from Misandry Monitor at the invaluable … each woman possessed with the notion of the evil patriarchy’s desire for tyrannical power.

    “Why I hate men” (Julie Bindel (The Guardian); Radical Feminist, transphobe and man-hater).

    “You can’t hate them all, can you? Actually, I can” (Suzanne Moore (New Statesman); man-hating feminist zealot).

    “‘Men are toxic’ is a phrase I adore” (Laurie Penny (Twitter); man-hating upper-class English feminist zealot).

    “All men are scum and must die” (Clementine Ford (Twitter); unhinged man-hating Australian zealot).

    “Band together to kill all men” (Emily McCombs (Twitter), editor, Huffington Post).

    “oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men” (Sarah Jeong (Twitter), NYT journalist).

    “I announced that I hate all men and wish all men were dead” (Prof Victoria Bissell Brown (12 Oct 2018, Washington Post)).

    “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes” (Prof Christine Fair (Twitter), man-hating zealot).

    “Why can’t we hate men?” (Prof Suzanna Danuta Walters (Washington Post, 8 June 2018)).

    “There is no war on men (but maybe there should be)” (Jessica Valenti (Medium, Oct 2018); man-hater and militant feminist).

    “When we say men are trash and people respond with “your daddy too?” YES OUR FATHERS TOO” (Lara Witt (Twitter), man-hating zealot)

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Like I’ve said before…I am a feminist, by historical definition…The only feminists I am against, are A-Hole feminists.

      Feminism, in my opinion, has already run it’s rightful course…What we have today, is loud and obnoxious people putting forward products of their own psychological deficits, as “the modern goals of feminism”.

      What we see here…are the vultures who’ve swooped in, to feast on the corpse of feminism…They are why “feminism” stinks so bad, today.

      They wanted “equality” in a monumentally screwed up arena [trying to make “a society”, out of hundreds of millions of humans], and they got it…At some point, it dawned on a lot of them…that “in the promised land”, life still sucks…and given everything “equality” has saddled them with, it’s quite probable that the quality of most female lives went down in a lot of regards…The historically male burdens in society suck, after all…In many regards, women simply got to be equally miserable.

      …Many of them have become bitter, jaded and extra cranky at the world…and they lash out, like these examples you offer.

      …What we need now, is something different…something which is not divisive, or injurious…something that does not create enemies.


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