2 thoughts on “Visibly Irritable Trump Now on a Rampage After GOP Loses House…

  1. Kindly

    I don’t even watch media on Trump any more, because it’s always the same spin.

    For a first midterm, the Republicans did well.

    Other than George W Bush, Trump is the only president since Nixon to increase his Senate seat count by at least 1 in any midterm. As of this comment, Trump could actually gain a total of 3.

    As for the House, Trump is about in the middle of the pack, for the last hundred years, doing better than recent Democrat two-termers. In recent times, only the Bushes did better.

    Worse first midterm House: Obama, Clinton, Ford, Johnson, Truman, Hoover, Harding
    About the same as Trump: Reagan
    Better: W Bush, H W Bush, Carter, Nixon, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Coolidge

    (data from Wikipedia)

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yeah…I mean…it is pretty much the same.

      The politics stuff can get to be kind of a grind…I suppose, I choose to share it for posterity.

      Thank you for the references…

      I think this stuff is largely about the politically polarized USA…and yes…for a large part of this country, Trump is their boy…no matter what.


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