Seven Men – Quentin Crisp (1971)…


Date: November 12, 2018

01) Seven Men – Quentin Crisp (1971)

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Granda World in Action profile from 1971. If you like this please buy the restored DVD of The Naked Civil Servant that has great extras including this and ‘Mavis catches up with Quentin Crisp’ from 1989.”

Quentin Crisp on the gay liberation movement, 1977: CBC Archives:

“In this clip in 1977, author Quentin Crisp talks about his controversial life as an openly gay man in the 1930s and the gay liberation movement of the 70s. For more classic clips, go to”

Quentin Crisp Collection on Late Night, 1982-83:

M.A. Net

2 thoughts on “Seven Men – Quentin Crisp (1971)…

  1. feinmann0

    Here, we occasionally discuss group (tribal) behaviour, and the problems that arise from it. Jordan Peterson touched on the down-sides when arguing recently with Helen Lewis about hierarchy, the patriarchy and her brand of feminism.

    So it was interesting to hear Quentin being barred from ‘middle class’ gay clubs when he was younger, and that he refused to go cap-in-hand to society begging for acceptance, preferring instead to wait for society to envelop him as he vacated secrecy.

    It is ironic that Quentin was posthumously stabbed in the back by Peter Tatchell, gay rights activist, in a UK broadsheet newspaper: ‘Quentin Crisp Was No Gay Hero’: But then the gay rights lobby have many times thrown others under buses since they gained respectability, in the style of gay club management all those years ago.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Gay rights activists have often been the most treacherous people out there…

      …Which is a tragedy, because the gay rights movement is now known for attaching itself to anything, in the moment, which it believes will socially/politically advance it…while abandoning and betraying anything within/about itself, which is socially/politically inconvenient in the moment…

      …It’s wiped it’s behind, with it’s own roots and history, for crying out loud…

      …These people would be nowhere, without people like Quentin…And for their disgusting behaviors, defiling the memories of the very giants who won them the rights they enjoy today…

      …Those sorts of “activists” don’t deserve any rights, at all.

      The standards of what passes for an “activist” in the gay rights community, is outright pathetic.

      Maybe he wasn’t perfect…maybe there were shortcomings in his old age…

      …But this piece just illustrates how readily “gay activists” dismiss and throw people out, because they don’t speak and act just like them.

      Quentin was a product of his time…having to face and navigate some things, which modern “gay activists” never have…Peter should actually take that into account, before dragging him through the mud, over their one meeting, several decades ago…

      …What an arrogant S.O.B.


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