New tool developed to tackle online child grooming…


Date: November 16, 2018

01) New tool developed to tackle online child grooming

“Home Secretary Sajid Javid has hailed a new anti-grooming tool as an important weapon in the fight against online child sexual exploitation.

Engineers from some of the world’s biggest tech firms, including Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Snap and Twitter, worked for 2 days at a hackathon in the United States co-hosted by the Home Secretary and Microsoft, which tasked industry e xperts to come up with tools to identify online child grooming.

A prototype tool has been developed that can be used to automatically flag potential conversations taking place between child groomers and children.

Hackathon participants analysed tens of thousands of conversations to understand patterns used by predators. This enabled engineers to develop technology to automatically and accurately detect these patterns.

Potential conversations between a groomer and their victim will be flagged so a moderator can investigate further.”

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8 thoughts on “New tool developed to tackle online child grooming…

  1. propedofront

    Great. Even more over-protection nonsense taking place and, from the way I see it, as especially even more censoring to children and limitations placed on their supposed “freedom”, because, yes, they are free (we are told).

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I think they’ve already been testing out this crap on sights like Twitter.

      These sights have been meddling with algorithms for years, now…It’s designed to inhibit and discriminate against people, largely without them even realizing what is going on.

      It’s absolutely become harder [impossible, sometimes], to keep up with exchanges on Twitter…A lot of times, responses to you wont even show up in your notifications…I’ve stumbled across responses to me several times, only after reading through a thread.

      Pathetic thing…is that we may ultimately have to abandon those types of sites…and leave them to the zealot thumb suckers, who demand that the platforms they function on are filtered and censored, lest their frail sensibilities be challenged.

      We need a free speech internet…like it once used to be.

      1. propedofront

        I have met myself with that too. Sometimes I lose track of conversations because of that and it is pitiful because sometimes they are actually relevant. Folks are so over-sensitized by the Internet now and freedom of speech is now widely misinterpreted while Nazis are also using it to promote their agenda and ironically make themselves see as somehow “the real revolutionaries”.

        I haven’t created yet another Twitter because registration there seems to somehow be interrupted by my browsers and/or my current setup. I am still thinking of returning to Twitter but for what exactly?

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Personally…I have lists of people [including other MAPs]…and I find some good material to bring here, because of these lists.

        I’m kind of falling away from the MAP community on Twitter, as it feels like NOMAPs are making the most noise…and I’m really tired of the “live” chatter…which is most of what they do…especially the young ones.

        I think Twitter is still useful…just not so much for communications.

  2. feinmann0

    There is so much to commend Jordan Peterson for his relentless rebutting in the interview chaired by feminist Helen Lewis, an ardent steward of the tyrannical patriarchy mindset. At one point Jordan mentioned his job as a teacher when he was in his late teens, which he loved. He related the ability to have rough and tumble physical contact with the kids at the time, but quickly added ‘which of course you can’t do now, because everybody knows that that would be a catastrophe’.

    This anti-grooming tool is a further example of the tyrannical feminist state throttling the life out of a once healthy but long-since terminally ill, society. It is a tool designed to prevent all communication between the youngest generation and adults. I do wonder how many perfectly harmless conversations will be detected, listened to and prosecuted by Stalinesque Stasi operatives … conversations being held between family members, or peers straddling puberty with the only difference separating the two being a broken voice.

    This fuckwit tyranny is completely blind to the elephants that rampage around the room.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s a very good point…
      …They’ll never be able to actually tell, when it’s conversation between peers, or a child and an adult…or the nature of the chat.

  3. 3435

    A few weeks ago I was on Twitter talking to a 16 year old girl (she really was 16, I’m not lying, so it’s 100% legal), and suddenly Twitter automatically blocks me for “suspicious behavior”, seriously, it blocked me just when I started talking to her, not before. They cut me off in the middle of the conversation.

    I thought it was because I use VPN and it usually blocks you if you try to make an account, but I tell you they only blocked me AFTER start to talking to her.

    Maybe it was because of the VPN but knowing that Twitter now has algorithms against that “grooming” stupidity, I don’t know what to think anymore.

    Twitter is nothing but mass media garbage for SJW and the mass of brainless, and is inhabited mostly by lobotomized idiots, not even is useful site for activism, we do not have to waste another minute there.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s crazy!

      I still find use in Twitter…I just don’t tend to use it for communication…except networking type stuff with other MAPs…swapping news stories, and such.


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