How Quacks and Cults Recruit Followers…

Date: November 18, 2018

01) How Quacks and Cults Recruit Followers

“Deepak Chopra, David Avocado Wolfe, Mormons, multi-level marketing schemes, and Evangelical Christians all utilize common manipulation tactics which quacks and cult leaders thrive on. These cult recruitment tactics are far simpler and more widely used than most people imagine. Even people who mean well often prey on vulnerabilities in order to convert or recruit others. MLMs like Doterra and Young Living Essential Oils are jokingly called cults by the anti-mlm community, but they really do manipulate their distributors into peddling pseudoscience in a cult-like way. Hopefully this video will help prevent you from joining a cult.

A special note to those who’ve repeatedly told me this whole series on quacks is just a guise to bash Jordan Peterson: This is part 5 of this series, and he receives no mention in 3 of the parts. Sorry to disappoint, bucko.”

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