Ridiculous Protestors Shut Down Speech In Oxford (Steve Bannon)…


Date: November 20, 2018

01) Ridiculous Protestors Shut Down Speech In Oxford (Steve Bannon)

“Steve Bannon was invited to speak at the Oxford Union last week, and he only just about made it there in one piece. The attempts by protestors to prevent access to the talk sparked a debate in the university surrounding the limits of free speech and the right to protest. If you ask me, the evening was a shambles, and people are mostly doing nothing but talking past each other. One thing is clear, however: those blocking entrances to a talk at a private institution should be ashamed of themselves and think carefully about the lasting repercussions of condoning such behaviour.”

I’ve been saying this same general thing for decades.

Steve Bannon – Full Address and Q&A – Oxford Union:

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3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Protestors Shut Down Speech In Oxford (Steve Bannon)…

  1. feinmann0

    As I live the life of a monk some considerable distance from US shores, this is the first time I have heard of Steve Bannon. I’d be interested to hear your take on the man, and what he claims to be doing for the ‘deplorables’ in your country of which you must count yourself as one ;o)

    One useful question from the audience was directed at Bannon’s repeated claims of being in discussion with heads of state of various European countries to try to get them to adopt his populist vision for the world. Surely this is classic snake oil salesman bullshit – why should any European head of state agree to meet an American media executive who offers to help them run their country.

    I agree … by acting as a mob, all the protesters are doing is shining a light on their own ignorance, stupidity and cowardice in refusing to debate with the speaker.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Steve Bannon was a primary promoter/adviser to Donald Trump, while campaigning for the office of U.S. president…He was appointed head adviser, for the administration after winning the election…though he only lasted a handful of months, before being replaced.

      He was the head of Breitbart News…most famously known for employing Milo Yiannopoulos…and said to be a voice piece of the alt-right…and, allegedly, racists.

      Bannon reveled in such things as “build the wall”…and all sorts of Trumps rhetoric…and claimed stances.

      I don’t read Breitbart…and I don’t know Bannon well…but I never got an especially good feeling about him.

      About a year back, I got the chance to watch a one on one interview with Steve…and he came off a lot more well spoken and thought out, when communicating in a calm environment.

      So…I get the logical impression, that he’s not exactly the boogieman many [generally left] people/organizations make him out to be…But, he has all that time with Trump…which does not reflect well on him…

      …And he is largely credited, for getting that disaster elected…I think most people hate him for that, alone.

      He probably is a snake oil salesman…yes…

      …But…I have a right to go hear snake oil salesmen, if I choose…as does anyone else in this country, so long as they can get there.

      It really annoys the hell out of me, when these groups of people decide they can tell others, what they can or cannot watch or hear…

      …It annoys the hell out of me, whenever anyone acts to stop any exchange of communication…just to turn around and represent them with some shallow, monstrous caricature…and dictate to us all, “you don’t need to hear them speak for themselves”…”we’ll tell you what they’re all about, instead”…

      The people and groups who do this, deserve zero trust.

      …Their behavior is a galling outrage.

      “…Bannon’s repeated claims of being in discussion with heads of state of various European countries…”

      Maybe he’s been e-mailing them, and getting responses from members of their staff?…

      I wouldn’t put to much weight on that…

      Trump isn’t that well liked, amongst the EU states…and Bannon is intertwined with Trump.

      I didn’t actually watch that video…and probably wont…I just offered it for citation…and to help a smidgeon, in offsetting the destructive corruption of censorship.

  2. feinmann0

    OK thanks for the background to the man. I can now see how he claims to have had a foot in the doors of European heads of state, and, how he might be perceived as the ‘enemy’ by many out there.


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