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Sex offenders delaying McNeil Island release at big cost to taxpayers…


Date: November 26, 2018

01) Sex offenders delaying McNeil Island release at big cost to taxpayers

“The typical path off the island is to clear a clinical evaluation, get the CEO of the SCC to support the evaluation, get a court hearing, have all sides agree — including the judge — that a resident is ready for unconditional release or a release to a less restrictive alternative, which some call a half-way house.

But there is a population, whose numbers are unknown, that maybe prolonging their stay on the island because of the consequences others have suffered after their release.

“What they do is decline to engage in treatment,” says Sanders. “Or waive the annual review, with is a constitutional requirement if they have been civilly committed.”

Scott is one of those that has declined treatment. But he believes he’s better off staying at the SCC to conduct his legal fight for a new trial. In the meantime, he gets three meals a day, all the medical attention he needs, a small studio apartment and a community who knows the stigma of being labeled a sex offender.

Wright says 40 percent of SCC’s population is not receiving treatment.

One former resident wishes he stayed.

“They are better off staying there,” says the man who did not want to be identified but spent 13 years in treatment at the SCC before his release seven years ago.

“When people found out my history, I was fired, assaulted,” he says. “There is just not the opportunity to live and to work out here in society because of the stigma, it’s terrible.”

He served three years in prison for “communicating with a minor for immoral purposes” before he went to the SCC.

“It’s a scarlet letter, I never thought anything like that would apply to me,” he says. “I read that in high school, jeez and here I got it.”

They’re paying out the nose, to house, feed and care for an aging population…which largely refuses to go back out into the world…because they know there is no future out there for them…

Quite the quandary.

…But, whatever else could have been expected out of this mess?

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Anucha Tasako: Death of 13-year-old boy in Thai boxing match sparks outcry over child fights…

Date: November 26, 2018

01) Anucha Tasako: Death of 13-year-old boy in Thai boxing match sparks outcry over child fights

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“Anucha Tasako: Death of 13-year-old boy in Thai boxing match sparks outcry over child fights.”

“Anucha had been fighting since the age of eight and had competed in 170 bouts, according to Thai media. The teenager, an orphan who lived with his uncle, used money made from fighting to pay for his schooling and help out with household expenses. He was knocked out by a punch in the third round of a charity bout.”

Too young to enjoy sex, but not too young to be exploited and to risk life-threatening injuries.”

…A lot of kids in this world [boys, most notably] get dumped on the frontlines of war as well…to fire bullets…and to take bullets, which maim or kill them.

So long as it serves their own ambitions…governments and people in power do whatever they please with kids…even when it kills the kids.

If the kid got robbed of all meaning and pleasures in life as result…they employ rhetoric, like the kid “died uncorrupted by the world”…

…But the kids life was decimated, by these self centered, megalomaniacs…and that’s a degree of corruption, for which there is no excuse…nor any fair compensation…It is evil…It is vile…It is wicked…One cannot sink to any lower depths of depravity, than that.

The countless boys who’ve been maimed and slaughtered at the hands of these people…would have been so much better off, in the care of a BoyLover…This point of fact is not even debatable.

It’s sickening to witness how this world abuses, missuses, consumes and discards boys…

…and has the gall to pretend, that love as an alternative to what they do…is somehow “worse”…or to be scoffed at.

Anucha Tasako died primarily for entertainment…

…Sure, there were financial and social motivations, which certainly pushed him into this pursuit…but these sports exist to entertain the population, and make a few people wealthy…People pay to see this, because it entertains them to watch it.

This death is senseless…and just another form of boy sacrifice, for financial advancement of a few…and the entertainment of many.

…It’s one of the ugliest forms of social hypocrisy.

The same issue exists, even with “lesser dangerous” organized sports programs.

A lot of kids get permanently maimed…sometimes suffering brain damage…or even the rare death…in football programs…baseball…etc…

They claim “the benefits outweigh the risks”…though, given that for most kids, their participation in the sport will only be a passing phase…I sometimes wonder about that…

…and why the risk of death or serious injury “is not so substantial a concern”, in these settings…

…When the same people arguing this will often lose their minds, over the tiniest possibility of risk, in other areas of a kids life…

…Then it’s inexplicably “a senseless and unspeakable risk”…

Chinese writer sentenced to 10 years in prison for homoerotic book…

Date: November 26, 2018

01) Chinese writer sentenced to 10 years in prison for homoerotic book

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“Chinese writer sentenced to 10 years in prison for homoerotic book.”

An authoress was imprisoned for writing about ‘boys love’ – no not boy love, but homoerotic fiction. The popularity of this genre “has soared in recent years in China, where a booming cottage industry of self-published authors churn out hundreds of new titles each month. The production and sale of pornography remains strictly prohibited in China. However, the harsh punishment given to Liu has caused outrage among social media users, many of whom have expressed anger at the apparent discrepancy between her sentence and those given to violent criminals, pointing out that under Chinese criminal law, rapists are liable to receive between three to ten years. Many users questioned the country’s conservative attitude and asked why the government felt the need to police people’s private lives.”

This is one of many things that happen, where people in government have lost their personal connection with humanity, and empathy…and respect for human life.

Fanatics would love to have this exact sort of thing happening, in the USA.