He Is Jewish, But Being Santa Is His Calling…


Date: December 08, 2018

01) He Is Jewish, But Being Santa Is His Calling

“Rick Rosenthal has been a year-round Santa for nearly seven years — maybe no surprise given his jolly demeanor and bushy white beard. What sets this Santa apart is something entirely different: his Orthodox Jewish faith.

Rosenthal has traveled the world for Santa events and has participated in television commercials, parades, trade shows, tree lightings and parties. He even runs a school for aspiring Santas. In a recent interview with StoryCorps, he sits down with his old friend and mentee Adam Roseman to talk about how he discovered his unexpected calling.

“Being Santa really does make you a better person because he talks to children, gives them respect; he looks them in the eyes and listens,” Rosenthal says. “And he treats them all the same, whether they are 4 or 94.”

“We don’t live in a black and white world,” Rosenthal says. “The world is filled full of beautiful colors. Unfortunately, there are some people who are black and white. As Santa, you have to love people, and you just have to do whatever you can to make their lives better so that they can see the colors of the world.”


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