First Message for the Diamond Raw Blog…


Date: December 09, 2018

I don’t have an actual date for this…but, since the Diamond Raw blog existed at, I figure this places the date at some time during 2011.

Diamond Raw was one of three blogs I had on that service.

This blog represented a second phase in the Diamond Raw project, which was originally based at YouTube.

The Diamond Raw Project


5 thoughts on “First Message for the Diamond Raw Blog…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I recorded myself blabbing on about all sorts of stuff…Sadly, most of it never got online…It’s just waiting to be gone through, sorted and primed.

      I quit recording for this series about three or four years back…Guess I was done…

      …Or, it’s just on indefinite hiatus.

      1. Kinder

        indefinite hiatus??? hey!! I retired comfortably at the age of 35 and that’s been *MY* job description too ever since… I hate saying I’m retired retired, because the economy could tank worse than it has been or ((heaven forbid)) I get a wild hair of inspiration growing cross’t my lily-white ass again and actually get up off my remaining far too rested / barely conscious laurels and privilege and actually do it of my own volition; in either case, I hate committing myself to the whole f either. Don’t pigeonhole me, don’t tread on me, don’t fence me in, and various other redundant colloquialisms as well…. I know that in my soul, I am very much a creature of whim; so therefore, circling back to my point, I share a profession in common with your blog, friend… professor of indefinite hiatus, tenured.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        I wish I could “retire”…but it would kill me to actually retire. 🙂

        Really…I’ve ran out of the energy to vocally speak…and I don’t force it…If it comes back, it comes back…

        In reality…I’m a very quiet person…I’d love to never have to speak another word, for the rest of my life…I could take a [completely personal and secular] vow of silence…and be happy with never having to speak another word.

        …That’s just me…

        Speaking and recording myself, has always been an exercise in pushing myself well outside of my comfort zone…

        …It was an attempt to expand and evolve myself…a bit.

  1. Kinder

    look at you, indulging the collective consciousness of the Whole of the Multiverse expanding your horizons, pushing yourself beyond what’s comfortable in hopes of achieving what’s more… in contributing your (and my) exceedingly niche perspective in Creation’s attempt at experiencing Itself. That trait, there, along with empathy and love… the drive, curiosity, and ability to know more and be more, insatiably compelled to arriving back at the wholly deistic ability of omnipotent omnipresent omnipresence of the whole of what has, is, and ever could be… that’s as close to G-d as I’ve seen, outside that of love in any of the myriad incarnations manifested. Oh, and perhaps the hope for a John Lennon Imagine[d] world.


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