3 thoughts on “Brian Thinks You Should Admit You Have FAITH in SCIENCE…

  1. Kindly

    Pro-science folks shouldn’t be too smug about “facts”.

    Here are two facts about science:

    * Nothing about the world can be prove true. Science can only provide explanations that are useful. Confusing usefulness for truth is a serious error.

    * Science relies on the universe being predictable. But there is no rational reason to expect that, just because the universe has been predictable up to this point that it will continue being predictable, or that things that are “true” will continue to be useful.

    * Science is something done by humans, and it is done for fame, money, under coercion, and a number of other corrupting reasons. Given what we know about peer-review, particularly in the social sciences, there is good reason to expect that a lot of science is false.

    * The science that most people receive is filtered through the news and entertainment media, and we know how accurate that is…

    Science absolutely does require faith.

    What we CAN say is that science is a method and a body of evidence that is more useful at explaining things than any other such thing, including all the world’s religions. It is worth protecting.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I can agree with that…except I would not equate “faith in science” with “faith in religion”…

      We at least have a lot of technology we can look at, and say “this is tangibly here, because of the process of science”.

      It does not take faith, for me to be typing this response, on my new PC.

      Speaking as someone who grew up “Christian”…I can say, “Christian faith” is a very different thing.


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