Anti-SJW Cringe Compilation – Volume 2…

Date: December 13, 2018

01) Anti-SJW Cringe Compilation – Volume 2

My goodness!…Shoe0nHead…Andy Warski…Stephen Molyneux…Armored Skeptic, even…

At least two of these people, I have absolutely nothing good to say about…I consider them to be cancer on the internet…and the human species, as a whole…One of them gives me an ill feeling…the other has done interesting stuff on YouTube, but a lot of people have really come to hate this person…and I’ve not paid enough attention to get all the “whys”.

…Then there is Milo…what to say about him?…What goes around, comes around…He wants to retreat from good stances, and attach himself to whatever current platform will have him?…fine…But that’s a turbulent, bridge burning path…I hope he has enough quality friends to burn through, going down that road…When he reaches the end, it’s going to get real ugly.

I largely had to share this, since I just happened across it…only a few days after sharing the Shoe0nHead diatribe.

…After spreading false information, and taking cheap stabs at MAPs…it’s interesting to watch her call Leslie Jones a gorilla…

…She’s just a “sweetheart all around”, isn’t she?

Truth be told…Ghost Busters 2016 is a good, funny movie…with one or two scenes, that probably should have ended up on the cutting room floor…But I’m glad I went to see it.

Leslie did not deserve any of that ugly crap…

Thing about “pretty girls” like Shoe0nHead…

…They can have the most aesthetically pleasing look in the world…but if they’re ugly on the inside…they’re just plain ugly…

…Surface shallow looks will never cover up, nor compensate for, that type of ugly…

…It’s the worst type of ugly there is.

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