5 thoughts on “On Shoes, Heads, and Pedophobia…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yeah…It’s nice to see someone [The Savannah Ape] defending us…

      Shoe0nHead is a mouthy, ignorant a-hole…

      …the type of person, for which the internet would greatly benefit, if they just went away and were never seen or heard from [online] again.

      Nothing about her has ever appealed to me.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        I think you’re right…And like so many others like her…she’s also a self absorbed a-hole. 😉

        The primary reason I did not directly address her video [though, I’m pleased Savannah Ape did], is because it’s so mind numbing ignorant, and just flat out wrong…I’ve addressed these issues so many times in the past, I’m just over all the spoon feeding and hand holding, of these people who cant even be bothered to get the bare minimum facts correct…

        …She was just getting in front of the camera, for a cheap and shallow swipe at “people below her”…at the expense of people like us.

        Her ignorant, dogmatic audience overwhelmingly ate it up.

        I’m not exactly sure how old she is…I know she’s been around for years, and is well established in the skeptic community…

        …Apparently, she’s in a relationship with the guy known as Armored Skeptic…So…she’s likely a young adult, at the very least.

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