The Cowards and Their Methods of Concealment…


Date: December 17, 2018

“In this way, the puritans have designed a perfect system to hide the evidence that clearly demonstrates children are equal to adults in their desire to behave sexually with others.” – feinmann0LINK

This has always sickened and infuriated me…”Child pornography” is vast…What is documented within it, deals an absolute death blow to the endless bullshit of naysayers…

…What is the response of these gutless, unprincipled, lying, treacherous cowards?…to declare “illegal”, and horribly inhibit, all that proves them wrong.

They do everything within their power, to make certain nothing positive is ever seen by the general public, regarding these issues…while having their own shills, dictating to the public “what is proper to think”.

…These officially approved, canned opinions do not jive well at all, with the real world experience of so freaking many of us…In fact, they are in direct, irreconcilable contradiction, to our lived experiences…And yet, “we” aren’t allowed to testify to the matters of our own lived existence…

This state of things is pure bullshit, on it’s face…It’s completely indefensible, and absolutely inhumane.


4 thoughts on “The Cowards and Their Methods of Concealment…

  1. Pete

    I believe in the cathartic benefit of pornography and erotica, so an adult masturbating to a satisfactory climax after looking at so-called ‘child porn’ will surely be less likely to molest or rape a child. In recent years there has been much success by the puritans (aided by the Anonymous collective) in closing down even non-nude erotic sites, plus raising the age of models and others from 16 to 18, which might explain why there is now a significant increase in CSE.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      There is zero doubt left, that child erotica functions as a pressure valve outlet…

      The reason for this, is that it’s quick and easy…If one is not already sexually involved with a child/teen, they just need to bring up something titillating enough…and put a little bit of fantasy to work…

      When they orgasm…it’s usually out of their system…and they wont even be in the mood to seek out a child/teen…

      This sexual fix can last for days…weeks…months…

      It’s rubbish to argue that someone setting on a ton of child porn, or having an endless supply of it, “is likely to move onto molesting a child”…They’ve already got a direct line to their easy fix…

      A small minority of such viewers/collectors do move on to a physical act of illegal nature…

      …But representing this as anywhere near “the norm” [as in any large portion of users doing it]?…total BS…It’s a lie.

      Statistics have consistently refuted this superstition…and overwhelmingly so.

      Like you…I believe child erotica/porn serves a very important social good.

      It should be legalized and regulated.

  2. Kindly

    The fact that governments distribute child pornography, in order to target more of their victims, is the simplest evidence that governments know it proves them wrong.

    The research points to kind people being just like everyone else, except with a different sexual orientation. So, most kind people are not violent or coercive, and don’t get aroused by sexual violence or coercion. As a result, we can be almost certain that most child pornography is like all other pornography. In the case of Tumblr, we can be certain that if the content that led to the porn ban there had been violent, Tumblr would not be allowed to continue to exist, and its owner would be facing prison.

    But I would go further than “just like everyone else”, and suggest that kind people, whose attractions may be intertwined with nurturing aspects more so than other populations, are among the most likely to require porn to be about happy, enthusiastic, consenting partners.

    Pedophobia is rooted in a few freakish anecdotes hyped to sell newstainment, fueled by the sexual fear and guilt of the dominant society, almost no part of which can claim to knowingly associate with kind people.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “…most likely to require porn to be about happy, enthusiastic, consenting partners.”

      I was thinking about this, earlier…

      …And how there is this mass misconception, about “child porn” being synonymous with child torture…even snuff films…

      …I mean…good grief!…a lot of child porn was being sold in Time Square, USA, back in the seventies…

      …Do they honestly have it in their heads, that stores were selling magazines which documented the physical brutality [and killing] of children?…

      They could not have gotten away with that…

      …They had happy, healthy kids enjoying sex…which is a large part of why there was such a steady flow of the material…It’s a large part of the reason, why it’s remained a thing till this day…and why it’s largely been taken over by young kids, themselves.


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