Patreon Double Down…

Date: December 19, 2018

01) Patreon Double Down

“Patreon set the rules and they don’t have to follow them.

Previous videos on the Patreon Purge:

Patreon Takes MAJOR Hit After Banning Of Sargon of Akkad:

“Patreon’s Takes MAJOR Hit After Banning Of Sargon of Akkad. Sam Harris, the 13th largest Patreon account, shut down his account abruptly following a statement by Dave Rubin and jordan Peterson over the banning of Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad.

Either Patreon are liars or they are grossly incompetent as their platform is rife with racial slurs and hate speech. Yet for some reason they were able to find an obscure reference to shut Sargon Down.

Many people say this was not social justice or feminist activists targeting Sargon, in fact it was the far right. But after Sargon moved to SubStar far left activists got the entire platform effectively shut down harming dozens of unrelated and innocent creators.”

So…Patreon decides to target and deal a massive blow to one of it’s customers…one who is a big personality on the internet, with a considerable following…

…based on a “rule” which factually did not even exist…applied without proper context…abruptly, without warning [and out of the blue]…and they refuse to discuss it with the customer they just royally screwed over…

This is taken straight out of the playbook of online services, where it comes to how they maltreat MAPs…Aside from the fact that it happens to MAPs much sooner, than they would reasonably be able to build a following or an income…this is the status of the MAP, online.

I take no joy in seeing this disgusting, predatory behavior befall anyone […with possible exception, to those sorts who spend their lives forcing this fate on others…poetic justice is beautiful, when they are forced to fall on their own sword…they earned and deserve it…]…but I’m glad this sort of noxious behavior is finally starting to come to a head, in a meaningful way.

These types of predatory business practices, like that being done by Patreon [and countless other online businesses], must be broken…It must be obliterated.

This is a fight which must happen…and all which falls on the “Patreon” side of this war must lose.

If they refuse to be ethical and decent businesses, treating everyone by equal standards…then all businesses like Patreon, need to go down for “the dirt nap”.

It’s time these foul businesses which treat the rest of us like we are not human, run into the cold, hard reality…that this is not okaythis is not acceptable…and there will be serious consequence to them, for behaving in such a destructive, manipulative and inhumane way.

Patreon does not deserve to exist…Businesses which ostracize people who are objectively causing no trouble, do not deserve to exist…Powerful businesses which subjectively manipulate the net total of dialogue and expression on the internet, do not deserve to exist…Indeed…they must not exist…They are a threat to all of us, who exist a slight step or two removed from the politically approved message and behavior, sanctioned by these nameless, faceless, unaccountable “trust and safety” commissions, which seem to be so prevalent these days.

Now they are going after people who are more mainstream, than MAPs…

…I think they’re finally getting to a point, where they have bitten off far more than they can chew…This behavior has begun creating a sort of space…where a lot of us “othered” people share common ground, on a common cause…

1 thought on “Patreon Double Down…

  1. Kindly

    Sargon’s recent dramatic re-enactment of a phone call by Patreon’s Trust and Safety queen to Matt is epic.

    If we assume the transcript is correct, then the phone call basically goes like this:

    Patreon: A is true.
    Matt: So, you’re saying A?
    Patreon; No. We care about you. A.
    Matt: So, A then?
    Patreon; No!

    She ought to be in prison.


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