[Filip30] study: MAPs rate child-adult-sex as moral…


Date: December 21, 2018

01) study: MAPs rate child-adult-sex as moral

“In a new study the big majority (67 %) of minor-attracted-persons (MAPs) who were recruited through the websites boylandonline.com, boychat.org und viped.org rated sex between prepubescents or pubescents and adults as morally ok.

At the same time “there was general agreement (88%) that the child would have to fear stigmatization from society due to his or her sexual activities.”

The study is not representative for MAPs, but nevertheless the results show that probably a big part of the MAPs are not brainwashed as probably the biggest part of the rest of the society.

Sara Jahnke & Agustín Malón (2019) How pedophilic men think about adultchild sex: effects of child gender and physical maturity, Psychology, Crime & Law, 25:1, 90-107


“To date, very little research has tackled whether pedophilic men’s attitude towards adult–child sex depends on characteristics of the adult or the child involved in such acts. This study examines the effect of the child’s gender (male vs. female) and physical maturity (pre-pubescent vs. early pubescent) on the moral evaluation of apparently noncoercive adult–child sex in a 2 × 2 factorial online vignette experiment. One hundred eighty-three English-speaking pedophilic men rated their agreement with moral arguments on the Immoral Sex Scale, as well as whether they believed this behavior to be typical for a child. The results revealed considerable inter-individual differences, with about one third showing restrictive moral attitudes. Contrary to our expectations, gender and physical maturity neither affected the perceived morality of the sexual act, nor beliefs about the representativeness of the child’s behavior. However, when controlling for confounds, pedophilic men believed that boys were more likely to willingly engage in adult–child sex. Furthermore, participants with stronger liberal attitudes were found to be more likely to defend the sexual act, as were participants with a preferential interest in pre-pubescents. (…)”

Small sampling…but I have to say…It’s encouraging to see that early indicators are pointing towards most MAPs not psychologically internalizing the rhetoric…

…The caveat being, that these are all MAPs taken from online communities…which are generally quite self aware, and far more educated on these issues than your average person.

If they were able to tap into the broader pool of MAPs around the world…I suspect there would be far more MAPs, displaying that they are overwhelmed and dominated by the cultural norms and rhetoric of wherever they live.

This is one of the reasons why self awareness and education, are so important and vital amongst MAPs.

We wont get anywhere, until more of us recognize the truth and understand what is going on.


5 thoughts on “[Filip30] study: MAPs rate child-adult-sex as moral…

  1. peterhoo

    Ethan Edwards of VirPed found this item a bit unsettling. He did some mathematics and has reached the view his members are in a kind of ‘safe zone’ and that the identity of the VirPed member is not being undermined. I have posed to him a question, can one find the liberal project inside the VirPed movement? (https://boychat.org/messages/1521962.htm) That question hinges, I believe, on the role of self authorship – a liberal theme involves, I argue, both the idea of the call to ‘know yourself’ and to ‘make soneself’. This is not about an individualism that is easy or arrogant, far from it. I am waiting to see how Ethan responds.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I saw that…

      Ethan’s mathematical equation did not make a whole lot of sense to me…

      …Granted…I am really dragging from the holidays, and trying to keep up with everything…and I got dehydrated a few days back, leading into a day that was really, really rough…So, I’ve not been at my best…

      …But what he was trying to argue, did not come off as sound to me.

      Maybe he had a chance to take a closer look at the raw data, and something more was clear to him…but I don’t get how he could tell who [and what percentage] of the respondents were VP…

      …Hence, I don’t see how he could have ruled them out, where it comes to such a viewpoint…

      …Sounds a tad like “no true Scotsmen”.


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