Does Humanity Still Believe in Magic?…


Date: December 27, 2018

01) Does Humanity Still Believe in Magic?

“As far as science and technology goes, the 21st century is an exciting time to be alive. We are curing more and more diseases. We are developing better and better space travel. Some see these advances as evidence that religion and magic are losing their influence on society. Magic especially has been viewed as a debunked “proto-science” with little credibility in modernity. But sociological data suggests that many humans still practice and believe in magic.”

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3 thoughts on “Does Humanity Still Believe in Magic?…

  1. Yure

    In my country, magic is very present. People still take their children to healers who conjure prayer onto them to cure illnesses. Mom used to believe in magic. She said I was once cursed by a envious neighbor. She took me to a local healer. She used to tell me that it was what kept me alive.


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