Probably Most People Don’t [Know What They Want]…


Date: December 29, 2018

I sometimes wonder about people who say they want to be something when they are young [maybe even as a child]…and then go on to become that thing…

…How did they arrive at that decision, I wonder…What made them want that?…and why did the desire not change?…

I can’t point to anything, professionally, that I’ve ever explicitly wanted to be.

Spending of time on hobbies, is similar…A lot of neat things you can try, if you have the resources and ability…What if you still haven’t found something that sticks with you?…

I’ve been thinking about taking up amateur nature photography…Which is to say…I was thinking about wandering around the property, taking pictures of dead trees…There’s tons of them out there…still standing and on the ground…or partial of both…If nothing else, it’s a niche…and it’s an excuse to go walking in nature…Could photograph wild animals, too.

…Have to wait for hunting season to end, though…

It’s hard to know what to do with yourself…especially when you’ve been alienated, from what you’re naturally inclined to do…Everything else just feels like treading water…

…And you don’t always find joy in the same things, forever…nor are you always able to keep doing them…

One of the hardest questions in life…How do I evolve from here?


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